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British Canoeing works with a wide variety of organisations involved in all aspects of our waterways – from recreational partners through to environmental charities. Here are our major partnerships. If your organisation is involved in promoting sustainable recreation on the water, or in protecting and enhancing our water environments, please contact us.

River Catchment Partnerships

The catchment-based approach was launched in 2011 by DEFRA, and have now been rolled out to over 100 catchments across England and Wales. The partnerships are hosted by various water-based organisations (from River Trusts and Wildlife Trusts through to utilities companies) with the aim of promoting partnership approaches to various issues – including flooding, access and recreation.

Strategic Partnerships

We work with statutory and voluntary organisations with responsibility for the water environment. We engage on a variety of issues, from working towards increased access for recreational users, promoting environmental improvement projects to ensuring paddling is a sustainable and responsible part of our community.

Navigation Authorities & Waterways Organisations

The Canal and River Trust took over responsibility for the majority of England and Wales’ canals from British Waterways in 2012. Since then British Canoeing has played an active role in engaging with the new organisation to promote paddling as a great way of enjoying these historic waterways. We are also currently engaged with other navigation authorities, helping to ensure paddling is at the heart of the waterways environment in England.

River Trusts, Wildlife and Environment Partnerships

Seeing a healthy ecosystem, flush with wildlife is one of the great pleasures of paddling. As a result British Canoeing is keen to support organisations who help protect our wildlife and riverside environments. Examples of our partnership projects include river clean ups, banks side vegetation works, and even otter and vole surveys.

Sport & Recreation

We work closely with a wide variety of organisations aimed at developing sport and recreation across England. From getting young people involved in sport and increasing opportunities for people with disabilities, to working on increasing access to our waterways for recreation, we work with partners who help get people out on the water and ensure fair shared use of our water resources.