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Waterway Advisors

In helping canoeists and kayakers make the most of the water, we are supported by a number of regional and local volunteers, our Waterway Advisors.

These dedicated volunteers operate throughout England. Their work includes developing relationships with other organisations to improve access to water, advising paddlers of where to paddle and developing specific projects such as canoe trails on their local waterways.

If you have any questions regarding local access issues, or about getting involved in access and environmental projects, please use the links below to get in touch with your Regional Waterways Advisor.

South East (including London)

South West

West Midlands

East Midlands

Eastern England

Yorkshire & Humber

North East

North West


Alternatively please contact us, and we’ll help put you in contact with your local volunteers.

Local Waterway Advisors (LWA) and Local Coastal Advisers (LCA)

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Our team of local advisors work with the Waterways & Environment team and Regional Waterways Advisor (RWA) to take part in a wide variety of projects to help improve access for paddlers. Many take responsibility for a specific stretch of water – from a small river or a stretch of coast through to sections of our larger rivers and lakes. They know where you can and can’t access the water, as well as being aware of any general issues with access. Others work with various stakeholders and partnerships to find solutions to access issues and to promote responsible paddling. Examples include representing paddling at a Catchment Partnership, or working with a Waterway Users Group. There is also opportunity for people to get involved in projects on their local rivers promoting access or environmental sustainability, with examples including river clean-ups. Find out more about the LWA/LCA role.

We currently have a need for more LWAs and LCAs across the country – get in touch to find out more.

Regional Waterways Advisor (RWA)

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Taking a broader perspective of waterways across a region, our RWA volunteers are the link between British Canoeing’s Waterways and Environment department, helping us engage with our LWAs, and forming access and environment policy. RWAs develop relationships across their region to develop and improve access and facilities for paddlers. They also help us with mapping and engaging with the organisations that play a role in protecting and enhancing our waterways.

You can use the link to find out more about the RWA role. If this would appeal to you, please get in touch with us, and we can tell you if there are any opportunities in your region.