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Young Volunteers

Young volunteers have a really important role

Paddlesport has a great deal to offer young people. The whole sport depends on the input of volunteers and by giving some time to paddlesport you can:

  • Gain nationally recognised qualifications and British Canoeing awards for your time
  • Learn from experienced volunteers and develop transferable skills and knowledge
  • Enhance your employability through experience in different roles
  • Improve organisational skills and make new friends

Remember, employers and organisations respect someone who volunteers their time - volunteering in paddlesport will really help your CV.

Opportunities in paddlesport

There are lots of opportunities for young people to get involved in volunteering in paddlesport. Take a look at our Reward Schemes and Awards, join our Youth Action Network, or get involved in volunteering at your local club or centre.

What roles can I take on?

There are lots of roles you can take on in clubs, centres or at regional and national level. Here are just a few:

  • Supporting the Volunteer Coordinator
  • Assistant Treasurer or fundraising
  • Media/Marketing Officer - designing club logos and posters; creating website and newsletters
  • General administration - committee minutes; assisting with Clubmark or development plans
  • Checking boats and equipment
  • Coaching - assistant to coach or leader and helping lead sessions/warm-ups
  • Assisting at events and festivals

For more information on all of these take a look at club roles within our Club management section.

Next steps...

Want to volunteer but don’t know where to start? Contact British Canoeing at, who can give you advice on clubs and centres that may need new volunteers and help you find suitable volunteering opportunities.

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