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#ShePaddles Champion Club Programme

Improving the opportunities for women and girls in paddlesport across our clubs within England

This programme aims to improve the opportunities for women and girls in paddlesport across our clubs within England by supporting them to achieve on the water qualifications and improving the provision for others in their club or community.


The main quality we are looking for in a club and individual taking part in the Champion Club Programme is a drive to make a positive impact by promoting inclusivity, participation and the provision of paddlesport for women and girls especially from ethnically diverse backgrounds, whilst also developing themself as a leader.

By developing more coaches and leaders who are women, the programme will play an important part in changing the landscape within clubs and through this help us balance the gender split in paddling, as well helping to increase inclusivity and the ethnic diversity of our sport.

Champion clubs will be encouraged to reach out to local community groups and projects, as well as schools, to create links with girls who may not already see paddlesport as an option. 

The #ShePaddles Champion Clubs will journey through a number of steps which will include:

  • A webinar series,
  • The completion of a self-diagnostic tool,
  • Support in creating a plan to encourage more women and girls to take up paddling
  • and progress into coaching and leadership roles
  • Financial support towards obtaining on the water qualifications
  • The award of #ShePaddles Champion Club status to the supporting club

Project Aims

  • Improve the overall diversity of paddlesport by growing women and ethnically diverse membership in clubs and organisations in England
  • Increase the number of women who are qualified coaches and leaders in England
  • To award successful clubs with #ShePaddles Champion Club status

What your club will get:

  • Support and guidance, including a Webinar series
  • Funding towards an on the water qualification
  • #ShePaddles Champion Club plaque
  • Dedicated, closed Facebook group for additional peer support

What you and your club will do:

  • Assess the current provision for women and girls at your club and in the community
  • Create and Deliver a plan for improving current provision
  • Engage with your local community to encourage more women and girls into paddlesport
  • Feedback to British Canoeing on your project
  • Share your success stories and learnings with other clubs
She Paddles Club Champion 2

The Steps to the Process:

  1. Webinar 1 - Introduction to #ShePaddles Champion Club Programme
  2. Call to clubs to propose their club champion to participate in the programme
  3. Confirmation of Club and Champion
  4. Onboarding of all Champions
  5. Webinar 2 - Understanding your current landscape
  6. Individual Self Diagnostic Tool feedback sessions with Programme Team
  7. Webinar 3 - Planning and Implementation
  8. Individual Planning Tool feedback sessions with Programme Team
  9. Webinar 4 - Skill development and Progression within club structures
  10. Award of #ShePaddles Champion Club Status and plaque
  11. Award of #ShePaddles Certificate of completion to lead volunteer/s
  12. Continued support and monitoring of plan implementation by Club Support Officers 

Become part of the movement

Join the Women's in Paddling Facebook Group here. This amazing group has 4.5k + women who are sharing and supporting their paddling ideas and ambitions, make new friends, meet up, swap advice and stories and discuss paddling in general.

Use #ShePaddles in your posts and stories. British Canoeing will help increase your reach by sharing your posts. You will also become part of the #ShePaddles community, which has over 16,000 posts!

Other key hashtags to use: #BritishCanoeing #GoPaddling

Tag us in the caption of your posts, directly in your photos or in your stories using @british.canoeing and @gopaddling. Go Paddling is our page dedicated to recreational paddling and inspiring people to get paddling.

Submit your Clubs expression of interest

Should your club wish to find out more about the #ShePaddles Champion Club Programme and or be included in the 2022 cohort please submit your expression of interest to [email protected]

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