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Safety Alerts

These are issued from time to time where a specific safety issue or concern has been raised and needs to be communicated to paddlers.

There are also case studies of real life incidents which illustrate both best practise but also near misses. From these incidents, lessons can be learnt that can improve practise UK wide and lead to better safety standards within the sport.

2023 Case Studies

Case Study January - Commercial Stand Up Paddleboarding Accident, Haverfordwest: Lessons Learnt from the Marine Accident Investigation Branch Report

Case Study November - Competitions and Events - Craft Floatation 

2023 Safety Alerts

Safety Alert - November - Life Jacket Recall Notice 

Safety Alert - November - Children's Buoyancy Aid Recall Notice 

Safety Alert - September - Quick Release Leash Systems in a White Water Environment 

Safety Alert - July - Life Jacket Recall Notice 

Safety Alert - May - Life Jacket Recall Notice

Safety Alert - January - Unregistered Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs)

Safety Alert - January - Life Jacket Recall Notice

2023 Information Sheets

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Safety - Choosing the Right Leash (2023)

Offshore Winds and their Effects on Stand Up Paddleboards

Shoulder Dislocation and Injury 

Annual Report

British Canoeing Annual Safety Report 2022

2022 Case Studies

Case Study August - Sea Kayaking Incident - “Freak” Wave

Case Study November - Snagging Incident - Town Falls, River Dee, Llangollen

2022 Safety Alerts

Safety Alert - November - New rules for the disposal of unwanted marine flares

Safety Alert - November - Solo Paddling – Sea Kayaking 

Safety recall alert - August - SUP Recall Notice August

Safety recall alert - August - Paddleboard (SUP) Recall Notice

Safety recall alert - July - PFD recall notice

Safety alert - January - Shallow water injuries whilst stand up paddleboarding (SUP)

2021 Safety Alerts

Safety alert - October - New rules on towing a trailer

2021 Information Sheets 

SafeTrx App

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Safety Personal Floatation Device Buoyancy Aid Guidance

2021 Case Studies

Case Study November - Race Training Major Incident Winter Conditions

Information Sheet 2020

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Safety - Choosing the right leash

2020 Safety Alerts
Safety Alert - October - Legionnaires' Disease
afety Alert - October  - Paddling in Winter Conditions

2019 Safety Alerts & Case Studies

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2019 Safety Alerts

Safety Alert November -  White Water Paddling
Safety Alert September - Palm AP2000 Helmet product Recall 
Safety Alert July - Personal Locator Beacons - Calling for help
Safety Alert August- Thames Tideway - Navigation Hazards

2019 Case Studies
Case Study March - Use of Chest Harness & Cows Tails on Buoyancy Aids (PFDs)

2018 Safety Alerts & Case Studies

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2018 Safety Alerts

Safety Alert - Guidance for Rowers and Canoeists on shared water
Safety Alert June 2018 - Customisation of boats
Safety Alert June 2018 - Defective Throwlines
Safety Alert November 2018 - The Carrying of knives
Safety Alert November 2018 - Pleasure Vessel IPV Code Race Support Boats on the Sea 
Safety Alert November 2018 - Weils Disease (Leptospirosis) 
Safety Alert December 2018 - White Water Safety

2018 Case Studies

Case Study May 2018 - Sea Canoeing - Near Miss
Case Study July 2018- Surf Ski - Coastal Rescue
Case Study August 2018 - Notifying the Coastguard
Case Study November 2018 - Emergency Casualty Evacuation 

British Canoeing Safety Newsletter

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