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Incident Reporting

The British Canoeing online reporting system is for all paddlesport incidents, including kayaking, canoeing and stand up paddleboarding, and can be used whether you are a member of British Canoeing or not.

Incidents reported should also include notable events (near misses), as this information will help us to identify paddling issues and to establish an accurate picture of safety and other concerns across the country.

The information you submit is confidential but can be shared within specialist Departments of British Canoeing and The National Associations. This is to ensure that the support and advice you receive is from specialist staff and paddlers who understand the issues or environment you were in

Please include incidents such as those with other water users, access issues, pollution/environment, safety etc as well as major incidents or accidents.

As part of our commitment to support paddlers we offer a service for anyone who has witnessed, been involved or has been affected by a paddlesport incident. If you would like to talk to one of our trained TRIM Practitioners who can offer support or signpost to an appropriate agency, please email [email protected]

Click here to go to the British Canoeing online Incident Reporting Form.

British Canoeing Insurance - Incident Notification

If the incident occurs in an activity that is covered by BC insurance it is important that you register the incident through this system as a record of the incident that took place at this time.

If an incident has occurred which resulted in:-

·       An injury to a person

·       Medical assistance being provided or an ambulance called

·       A report under RIDDOR (major incidents in the workplace)

·       Damage being caused to property, equipment, vehicles etc

Then the incident must also be reported to British Canoeing Incident reporting system

Details of member insurance can be found here.

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