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Safety Overview 

Whether you are just getting started or paddling at the highest level we want everyone in the sport to stay safe.

These pages aim to give everyone involved in the sport the information and guidance needed to paddle safely and to help ensure the safety of others. It includes guidance on good practise, templates, checklists, case studies and much more.

It is designed to complement the extensive programme of safety, coaching and leadership training that underpins safety in our sport.

In this area you will find:

1. British Canoeing Safety Guidance
A directory of information and guidance for all those involved in running and participating in the sport

2. Safety Alerts 
Ongoing up to date safety information, on current issues or safety concerns. Case studies of incidents highlighting practise that can benefit others paddlers.

3. New to Paddling 
Essential information for those who are new to paddlesport

4. Incident Reporting
By reporting incidents and near misses you can help us to learn more about what is happening in the sport and how to improve safety.

5. Event Safety
A system of event safety under which all British Canoeing organised events operate.

If you have a query on safety please contact [email protected]