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Safeguarding Training

Safeguarding and Protecting Children and Young People Training

A range of safeguarding training courses and learning opportunities are available, from basic awareness to specialist training. These courses are designed to enable staff, coaches and volunteers in various roles to increase their knowledge and skills in order to safeguard children effectively.

Safeguarding Adults Training

Following publication of The Care Act 2014 there is an increasing number of Safeguarding Adult training courses available. Ann Craft Trust are the leading authority on safeguarding disabled children and adults at risk and can provide sport specific Safeguarding training, visit their website for further details.

Which level of training do you need?

Depending on your role and the frequency of work you do with Children and Young people, you will be required to complete different levels of Safeguarding Training. Our Training Requirements Table will help you identify which level of course you need to complete.

Already completed training through your work place or different setting?

You may have already attended Basic Safeguarding training or Online Introductory training through your work place or local authority. Click here to see if your course can be recognised as an equivalent course to those detailed below:

Training and Courses

Introductory Training

  • For those with incidental/ no contact with children
  • British Canoeing’s Introduction to Safeguarding
  • (Equivalent online training can be accepted)

Delivery Method: Online

Duration:  Approx. 45 min

Cost: £10

This course is the minimum training for coaching.

Suitable for coaches, leaders, volunteers and staff who do not work regularly or alone with children.

This course covers introductory awareness, explaining best practise and what to do if you have a concern.

Click here to access the course

Basic Training

  • For those with regular contact with children
  • UK Coaching Safeguarding and Protecting Children (SPC)
  • (Equivalent face to face training can be accepted)

Delivery Method: Face to Face or via the virtual classroom

Duration:  3 Hours

Cost: £25 – 40

This course is a pre-requisite to Time To Listen Training.

Suitable for coaches, leaders, volunteers and staff who work regularly or alone with children.

This course will help raise your awareness of the tell-tale signs of abuse and poor practice, and give you the tools you need to deal with any issues sensitively, appropriately and effectively should the need arise.

Click here to find a basic training workshop (Face to Face)

Click here to find a basic training workshop (Virtual classroom)

Safeguarding Refresher Training

  • This training is for those who are required to update their safeguarding training every 3 years 
  • British Canoeing’s Safeguarding Refresher Training

Delivery Method: Online

Duration:  Approx. 45 mins

Cost: £10

Refresher training for those that have previously completed the UK Coaching Safeguarding & Protecting Children course (or equivalent) and are required to refresh their training every 3 years.

This course will refresh your safeguarding knowledge and provide additional awareness training on a specific topic where safeguarding concerns may arise.  The Safeguarding Refresher core module has been updated to reflect the latest in legislation and best practice. The first module looks at social media.

In addition to the core and social media modules, we have created a brand new bolt on module which explores positive safeguarding culture. The module follows the six key principles of safeguarding: empowerment, prevention, protection, proportionality, partnership and accountability. Each principle is explored within the context of a sporting environment and looks at how they can be used to develop and embed safer practices across your environment. 

Please note: This course cannot be accepted as a substitute for the initial face to face/ virtual training course.

Click here to access the course.

Click here to access the Positive Safeguarding Culture E-Learning bolt on. 

Specialist Training

  • This training is for the designated Welfare Officer
  • Training is provided by NSPCC / CPSU and Time to Listen Training (TTL)

Delivery Method: Face to Face or via the virtual classroom

Duration:  3-4 Hours

Cost: £25 - 40

Sport specific and Multi Sport workshops are accepted.

This training is specifically designed for Welfare Officers who have already attended basic training.

This workshop will help you understand the role and responsibilities of a Welfare Officer and statutory agencies and what this means in practice.

Click here to find a Time to Listen workshop