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Safeguarding Training

You may think safeguarding is not relevant to you. Perhaps you don’t work with children or young people. Perhaps you have been in the sport for years and have never known a problem… so why do you need training now?

The reality is that safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility. It is important to have at least a basic understanding and awareness of safeguarding, including being able to identify the signs and symptoms of abuse or neglect and what to do if you have a concern.

Most of the safeguarding training courses currently available cover children and young people. However, there is an increasing awareness about the importance of also safeguarding adults, in particular, Adults at Risk. Following the publication of the ‘The Care Act 2014’, it is highly likely that there will be more training opportunities and information developed in this area over the coming years.

Safeguarding and Protecting Children and Young People Training

A range of safeguarding training courses and learning opportunities are available, from basic to advanced level. These courses are designed to enable staff and volunteers in various roles to increase their knowledge and skills in order to safeguard children effectively.

Which level of training do you need?

Depending on your role and the frequency of work you do with Children and Young people, you will be required to complete different levels of Safeguarding Training. Our Training and Disclosure Requirements Table will help you identify which level of course you need to complete.

You may have already attended a Basic Safeguarding or Awareness course through your work place or local authority. Click here to see if your course can be recognised as an equivalent course to those listed below.

1. Safeguarding Awareness Training

As a minimum requirement, this training can be accessed through a distance learning scheme or web based course.

British Canoeing Online Safeguarding Awareness Course

This course is suitable for volunteers, coaches and staff involved in Paddlesport who are not working regularly* or alone with children or young people.

Time to complete: Approx. 45 minutes

Cost: Members £9.99 / Non- Members £17.50

Certificate: Download on completion (free) or posted on completion (additional charges apply).

Content: The course covers basic awareness; explaining best practice and what to do if you have a concern. There are five sections, with questions at the end of each section. If you do not pass all the questions you will be directed back to the knowledge section to reinforce the key learning points.

Start the course here 

* Regularly in this instance is defined by a set pattern, for example: once a week or once every two months.

2. Basic Safeguarding Training

This face to face group training ensures full discussion around this sensitive subject and enables questions to be asked in a safe environment.

Sports Coach UK (ScUK) Safeguarding and Protecting Children Workshop (18+)

This course also provides the opportunity to discuss specific safeguarding issues that arise during the training and is led by a qualified safeguarding tutor.

It is suitable for volunteers, coaches and staff who work regularly* or alone with children and young people. This course should be attended by a Club Welfare Officer, prior to completing the designated person training (Time to Listen) detailed below.

Time to complete: 3 hours (half day, attended course)

Cost: Approx. £30 (Price will vary depending on provider)

Certificate: Posted by Sports Coach UK on completion (this can take up to 6 weeks).

Content: This workshop will raise your awareness of the tell-tale signs of abuse and poor practice, and give you the tools you need to deal with any issues sensitively, appropriately and effectively should the need arise.

Contact ScUK directly for more information or search for a workshop here

Sports Coach UK Keeping Safe in Sport: Safeguarding for Young Volunteers (13+)

A new course has been launched by Sports Coach UK, specifically designed for young people between the ages of 13 and 17.

Time to complete: 2 hours (attended course)

Cost: Price will vary depending on provider

Certificate: Posted by Sports Coach UK on completion

Content: This workshop provides young coaches, officials, volunteers and sports leaders, with age appropriate safeguarding information. It’s the ideal environment for you to develop your confidence in how to identify what abuse of a child in sport may look like, how you should take action appropriate to your age and status, and how to keep yourself safe in sport.

Contact ScUK directly for more information or search for a workshop here

Many County Sport Partnerships (CSP) also run recognised Safeguarding and Protecting Children Workshops, contact your local CSP directly for more information and check the course meets the Equivalent course requirements here.

3. Designated Person Safeguarding Training - e.g. Club Welfare Officer

This face to face course is for people who have a designated role in Safeguarding such as Club, Centre or Event Welfare Officers. It is designed specifically for sport organisations by the Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU).

The course is only available to those who have already attended a Basic Safeguarding course as detailed above and there is currently no accepted equivalent to this training course.

NSPCC Time to Listen (TTL)

There are two versions of recognised Time to Listen training available.

1- Sport specific training delivered by British Canoeing’s trained tutors.

2- Generic training delivered by County Sport Partnerships (CSP).

Time to complete: 3-4 hours (half day, attended course)

Cost: Approx. £20- £30 (Price will vary depending on provider)

Certificate: Presented by the workshop tutor on completion.

Content: This training will help you understand the role and responsibilities of a Welfare Officer and statutory agencies, and what this means in practice. Here you can familiarise yourself with British Canoeing policies, procedures and good practice guidelines as well as be able to recognise the elements of legislation and government guidance relevant to safeguarding children’s welfare.

Upcoming County Sport Partnership (multi-sport) TTL Courses:

Alternatively you can contact your local CSP or find courses on the CPSU website here.

(Many County Sport Partnerships (CSPs) run multi-sport Time to Listen workshops. If there are no dates listed above, try contacting your CSP for workshop dates. Find your CSP here).

Keeping your safeguarding training up to date

It is best practice to refresh your safeguarding training every three years. An update course is available from Sports Coach UK – Safeguarding and Protecting Children 2. Details can be obtained through your local County Sport Partnership or Sports Coach UK directly.