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Safeguarding for Parents


Information for parents or carers

As a parent or carer you play an essential part in encouraging and supporting your child’s participation in paddlesports. Whether they are budding champions, amateur adventurers or future leaders, your child deserves to be supported in a happy and safe environment.

It is understandable that you want reassurance that the sport they are involved in has their best interest and welfare at heart.

Talk to your club or centre

A well run paddlesports club or centre should welcome questions about its activities, policies and procedures and should be more than happy to share that information. Sometimes the information you want can be found on its website, but if it isn’t, you should be able to contact someone at the club or centre for further information.

What to consider as a parent or carer

We’ve created a simple guide for parents to help you ask the right questions and support your child’s involvement in paddlesports. Download our Safeguarding Guidance: Information for Parents and Carers guide.

Our Safeguarding for young people section also provides useful information for your child, while the links below will take you to some helpful external websites.

Useful Downloads