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Policies, Guidance and Templates

You can find all of our Safeguarding Policies, Guidance and key Templates here.


SPC- P1 British Canoeing Safeguarding Children Policy

SPC- P2 British Canoeing Safeguarding Whistle Blowing Policy

SPC- P3 British Canoeing Anti-Bullying Policy

SPC- P4 British Canoeing Disclosure Policy

SPC- P6 British Canoeing Safeguarding Adults Policy

SPC- P7 British Canoeing Safer Recruitment of Volunteers Policy


SPC  - PR1 British Canoeing Safeguarding Procedure

Guidance Documents

SPC- G1 Useful Contacts

SPC- G2 Reporting Guide for concerns outside Paddlesport

SPC- G3 Reporting Guide for concerns within Paddlesport

SPC- G4 Recording Concerns Report Form

SPC- G5 Code of Conduct for the Coaching Workforce

SPC- G6 Guidelines for use of Photographic and Filming Equipment

SPC- G7 Self Declaration Form

SPC- G8 Guidance for Clubs and Centres -Interim Suspension Pending Investigation

SPC- G9 Paddlesafe Away Trips

SPC- G10 Paddlesafe Events

SPC- G11 Physical Contact and Young People Guidelines

SPC- G12 Protecting Children and Young People with Disabilities

SPC- G13 Managing Challenging Behaviour

SPC-G14 Equivalent Child Protection Training

SPC-G16 Guidance on 1-to-1 Working with Children (Under 18s) and the "Rule of Two"

SPC- G17 Disclosure and Barring Service - Frequently Asked Questions

SPC- G18 Codes of Conduct for Parents and Carers

SPC-G20 Guidance on Digital Communication with Children (Under 18)

SPC- G21 Safeguarding Training Requirements

SPC- G23 Portability for DBS Certificates for England (for those subscribed to the DBS Update Service)

SPC- G26 Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Guidance

SPC- G27 Interim Suspension of Individuals Pending an Investigation

SPC- G28 Changing Room Guidance

SPC- G29 DBS Guidance Flowchart

SPC- G30 DBS Club Verifier Guidance

SPC- G31 DBS Application Guidance- Verification by Post Office

SPC- G32 DBS Application Guidance- Verification by Club

SPC- G33 Club Guidance for Video Calls

SPC- G34 Additional Vulnerabilities in Children Information

SPC- G35 British Canoeing Safeguarding Information Sharing Guidance


SPC- T1 Safeguarding Policy Form

SPC- T2 Junior Code of Conduct

SPC-T3 Club Code of Conduct

SPC-T4 Paddlesport Consent Form

SPC-T5 Club Welfare Officer Role Description

SPC-T6 Event Welfare Officer Role Description

SPC-T7 Reference Form for Club Volunteer Coach

SPC-T8 Volunteer induction Form

Additional Resources

Club Welfare Officer Registration & Change of Details Form

Club Welfare Officer Poster

Do You Know Your Club Welfare Officer Poster

Event Welfare Officer Poster

Paddlesafe Flyer

Online Safety & Social Networking

Safeguarding Process Review

Useful Downloads