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Policies, Guidance and Templates

You can find all of our Safeguarding Policies, Guidance and key Templates here.


SPC- P1 British Canoeing Safeguarding Children Policy

SPC- P2 British Canoeing Safeguarding Whistle Blowing Policy

SPC- P3 British Canoeing Anti-Bullying Policy

SPC- P4 British Canoeing Disclosure Policy

SPC- P5 British Canoeing Safe Storage and Handling of Sensitive Material Policy

SPC- P6 British Canoeing Safeguarding Adults Policy


SPC  - PR1 British Canoeing Safeguarding Procedure

Guidance Documents

SPC- G1 Useful Contacts

SPC- G2 Reporting Guide for concerns outside Paddlesport

SPC- G3 Reporting Guide for concerns within Paddlesport

SPC- G4 Recording Concerns Report Form

SPC- G5 Code of Conduct for Coaching Workforce

SPC- G6 Guidelines for use of Photographic and Filming Equipment

SPC- G7 Self Declaration Form

SPC- G8 Guidance for Clubs and Centres -Interim Suspension Pending Investigation

SPC- G9 Paddlesafe Away Trips

SPC- G10 Paddlesafe Events

SPC- G11 Physical Contact and Young People Guidelines

SPC- G12 Protecting Children and Young People with Disabilities

SPC- G13 Managing Challenging Behaviour

SPC-G14 Equivalent Child Protection Training

SPC-G15 Recruitment and Selection of Individuals Working with Young People

SPC- G16 A Guide to Training Programmes for Young People

SPC- G17 Disclosure and Barring Service - Frequently Asked Questions

SPC- G18 Codes of Conduct for Parents and Carers

SPC- G20 Text & Email Messaging Guidance

SPC- G21 Training Requirements

SPC- G23 Portability for DBS Certificates for England (for those subscribed to the DBS Update Service)

SPC- G25 Social Media Guidelines for Clubs, Centres and Volunteers

SPC- G26 Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Guidance

SPC- G27 Interim Suspension of Individuals Pending an Investigation

SPC- G28 Changing Room Guidance

SPC- G29 DBS Guidance Flowchart

SPC- G30 DBS Club Verifier Guidance

SPC- G31 DBS Application Guidance- Verification by Post Office

SPC- G32 DBS Application Guidance- Verification by Club


SPC- T1 Club Child Protection Policy

SPC- T2 Junior Code of Conduct

SPC-T3 Club Code of Conduct

SPC-T4 Paddlesport Consent Form

SPC-T5 Club Welfare Officer Job Description

SPC-T6 Event Welfare Officer Job Description

SPC-T7 Reference form for club volunteer coach

SPC-T8 Volunteer induction form

Additional Resources

Club Welfare Officer Registration & Change of Details Form

Club Welfare Officer Poster

Do You Know Your Club Welfare Officer Poster

Event Welfare Officer Poster

Paddlesafe Flyer

Child Protection Leaflet for Parents

CPSU Social Networking Guidance

Useful Downloads