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Become a Go Paddling Provider

Learn how affiliated clubs, Quality Mark centres and qualified coaches, instructors & leaders in England can become providers of the fantastic new Go Paddling initiative.

Expand Introducing Go Paddling

Introducing Go Paddling

Go Paddling is the British Canoeing initiative which aims to get new people into paddlesport and keep them there. 

How does Go Paddling deliver this?

Working closely with English & Welsh affiliated clubs, Quality Mark centres and qualified coaches, instructors & leaders, the scheme provides clear pathways for those new to paddling. 

  • It offers support for clubs, centres and independent coaches, instructors & leaders, as Go Paddling Providers, to deliver introductory and follow up sessions, including the Paddle Awards. 
  • It signposts new paddlers to how and where to go paddling through a bespoke website

Read more about becoming a Go Paddling Provider in a downloadable booklet here.

Expand What is a Go Paddling Provider?

What is a Go Paddling Provider?

A Go Paddling Provider can be any English/Welsh affiliated club, Quality Mark centre, qualified coach, leader or instructor who opts into running introductory activities through the Go Paddling scheme. 

Please contact your National Association on how to get promoted on the Go Paddling Website.

If you are not currently affiliated or Quality Mark click here to find out how you can get involved.

There are two types of Go Paddling provider:

  1. Standard Go Paddling Provider - Any English or Welsh affiliated club or Quality Mark centre who will be running introductory activities. Also open to all qualified coaches, leaders and instructors, in England who have completed the Personal Performance Awards e-learning.

  2. Specialist Go Paddling Provider - Any affiliated club or Quality Mark centre who will be delivering the new Paddle Awards*.

Both types of provider will be able to access resources and support.

All providers delivering the Paddle Awards must use coach(es), leader(s) or instructor(s) who have completed the Personal Performance Awards e-learning and meet British Canoeing update requirements.

Why you should become a Go Paddling Provider

Becoming a Go Paddling provider gives you access to a range of bespoke and customisable resources, campaigns and information. It is a quick, easy and free process that allows us to improve our communication with you in the future.

  • FREE simple sign up process

  • Enhance your reputation by becoming part of a national network of Go Paddling providers. Upon sign up you will receive a free Go Paddling Provider sticker and the ability to use the logo on your introductory activities.

  • Access to a Go Paddling provider resource portal containing promotional digital resources, guidance documents and templates to support delivery of your introductory activities and the New Paddle awards.

  • Option to access a simple online e-certification process: allowing your organisation to instantly award the New Start and Discover Paddle Awards. Sending an electronic certificate directly to the participants.*

  • Access to the latest guidance documents & insight: Throughout the year we will be sharing good practice and examples of successful ways people have run introductory activities across the network.

  • Go Paddling provider e-news: Option to access bespoke quarterly Go Paddling provider focused e-news

  • Option for affiliated clubs and Quality Mark Providers to get an enhanced listing as a specialist Go Paddling provider on the Go Paddling website*

*Details of Go Paddling provider levels are available in the table above

Read more about becoming a Go Paddling Provider in a downloadable booklet here.

Expand Become a Provider Here

Become a Provider Here

It's simple to become a Go Paddling Provider, and best of all it is free. Complete the online form below and let us know which level you want to opt in at.

If you are opting in to become a Specialist Go Paddling Provider you will simply need to let us know the names of the coach(es)/leader(s)/instructor(s) you are working with who have completed the Personal Performance Awards e-learning.

Go Paddling Provider Sign Up

Expand Certification of the NEW Paddle Awards

Certification of the NEW Paddle Awards

The certification process for the NEW Paddle Awards has been designed and developed to create a straight forward, effective and efficient process for both paddlers and providers.

  • Online payments
  • Bulk upload facility for both Paddle Awards - Start and Discover.
  • Candidate receives their certification within minutes of uploading
  • Ability to share over social media sites
  • Removes the need for filling in and posting paperwork
  • Teachers, Clubs and Centres can choose to receive the certificates for group presentations

To submit your Paddle Start and Paddle Discover candidates, visit:

To submit the Paddle Explore & Discipline Specific Awards, log in to your Membership Portal.

Watch the Guidance videos below for a step by step guide of how to certificate paddlers with their Personal Performance Award.

Paddle Start Certification

Paddle Discover Certification

Paddle Explore and the Personal Performance Awards