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GDPR Toolkit

Welcome to the British Canoeing GDPR Toolkit. It is designed to offer guidance to clubs and organisations who are seeking to prepare for the new data protection regulations that fully come into force on 25 May. It is free to share with anyone who might find it useful.

How much of the Toolkit you choose to use is your choice. You may want to follow the full process of preparation guidance outlined in it, or simply dip in to use some of the supporting documents.

We have placed it on Google Drive as it is an evolving Toolkit. We will be actively updating and adding to the pages in it. We will also be adding to the Supporting Documents folder. You play a large part in this process.

If there is anything you think should be added, such as new FAQs or additions to supporting materials please email [email protected]. It is your Toolkit and so needs to answer your concerns or questions.

Please note that the Toolkit is not designed to act as legal advice. It is only intended to give information that could be useful during your GDPR investigations. No decisions should be made to implement GDPR processes based solely on the content of the Toolkit.

The Toolkit contains:

We hope you find the Toolkit useful.

Click here to access the GDPR Toolkit.