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Event Safety Management

Canoeing has a good record in event safety management. British Canoeing has developed a system of event safety management which applies to all events which are insured by British Canoeing. This is to ensure the sport continues to operate at the highest safety levels.

At the heart of this system is training in event safety management and the appointment/nomination of event safety officers.

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To support event organisers in implementing these systems British Canoeing has put in place a staff team to work alongside the main organising bodies. Details of this team can be found in the below document. 

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Event Safety Training

An annual calendar of event safety training workshops can be found here. Training is organised regionally and is available to all event organisers/safety officers. You can find a full calendar of training dates and the booking form below. 

Calendar and Booking Form

Event Safety Management Workshop 10th 2018 October 

Location Newbury canoe Club 

To book on please click here

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Event Safety Management Guidance

This guidance sets out in detail what needs to be done by clubs, event organisers, RDT’s and Discipline Committees.

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Please see the Event Safety Management Guidance document below for more information.  

You can also find below a series of frequently asked questions which answer the most common queries. 

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The below information highlights what to expect when attending an Event Safety Training course.

What is Event Safety Training?

To date British Canoeing has been offering an event Safety Workshop to clubs through the recent run of club forums. The focus of the workshop is to raise awareness of safety management and duty of care issues as they effect clubs, both in their normal everyday activities (closed activity) and also when they may engage in running events open to others.

The workshop provides guidance and support to mitigate responsibilities using the concept of an ‘event span of control’  to bring simple well organised solutions that people can understand and apply during even the most complex process.

As an outcome to the workshop attendees cover:

During the course participants;

  • Consider the five stages of event planning
  • Consider the relationship between those stages & safety management
  • Develop & share experiences
  • Consider centralised resources
  • Consider application against experience through scenario based training.
  • Common methods for managing  risk
  • The use of an event checklist for safety management
  • Greater appreciation of the need for span of control
  • Develop the use of ‘CALM’ in dynamic risk management

 As an outcome we hope to achieve:

 Common methods for managing  risk

  • The use of an event checklist for safety management
  • Greater appreciation of the need for span of control
  • Develop the use of ‘CALM’ in dynamic risk management

Event Safety Officer/s – Roles

The appointment/nomination of trained Event Safety Officers is a key feature of the Event Safety Management system. Role descriptions for Safety Officers in clubs and Disciplines can be found below.

Role Descriptions

Please see the documentation attached.

British Canoeing Safety Guidelines

This guidance covers event and general safety as well as information on identifying and managing risks. 

Documents and Downloads

Please see the documentation attached. 

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Safety Advisories

Below are the latest advisory notices from British Canoeing on a range of safety matters.

Incident Reporting

The British Canoeing online reporting system is for all canoeing incidents, whether you are a member of British Canoeing or not.

Incidents reported should also include near misses, as this information will help us to identify canoeing issues and to establish an accurate picture of safety and other concerns across the country.

Please include incidents such as those with other water users, access issues, pollution/environment, canoeing safety etc as well as major incidents or accidents.

British Canoeing Insurance - Incident Notification

If an incident has occurred which resulted in:-

·       An injury to a person

·       If medical assistance was provided or an ambulance called

·       Reported under RIDDOR (major incidents in the workplace)

·       Damage was caused to property, equipment, vehicles etc

Then the incident must also be reported to British Canoeing’s insurers. 

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