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Activators are responsible for the delivery of U Canoe Wired and Unleashed sessions. Below you will find laid out the requirements and purpose of the Activator role. 

Unleashed Activator Requirements

  • Appropriately trained leader for the body of water sessions is taking place on
  • Ability to engage with 14-25 year olds
  • Knowledge of appropriate exit routes
  • Ability to think outside of the box and create fun, engaging sessions

Wired Activator Requirements

  • No previous canoeing experience needed
  • 14+ years old
  • Have an interest in leadership (ideally JSLA/CSLA trained)
  • Ability to manage/lead a session
  • Commit to at least one U Canoe session per week

The purpose of a U Canoe Activator

  • Oversee the delivery of U Canoe sessions
  • Ensure participants stay safe throughout session
  • Be a positive role model at all times
  • Encourage participants to create and invent new/exciting activities
  • Build appropriate relationships with participants
  • Allow participants to discover canoeing their own way
  • Adapt sessions to suit all abilities
  • Encourage participation for life
  • Monitor and evaluate sessions

Activators Training

Please arrange with British Canoeing the delivery of U Canoe Activator training.

Please allow 3 hours for U Canoe Wired Activator training. Access to a projector and screen will be needed.

British Canoeing also offer U Canoe Wired Tutor training for delivery centres. This is aimed at members of staff who will then deliver the activator training to students. Please contact British Canoeing for details on attending Tutor training.

Please allow 1 hour for U Canoe Unleashed training. Please note this training does not take place on the water.

For more information regarding the role of the U Canoe Activator, or to become an Activator, please email [email protected]

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