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Activators are responsible for the delivery of U Canoe Wired and Unleashed sessions. Below you will find laid out the requirements and purpose of the Activator role. 

Unleashed Activator Requirements

  • Appropriately trained leader for the body of water sessions is taking place on
  • Ability to engage with 14-25 year olds
  • Knowledge of appropriate exit routes
  • Ability to think outside of the box and create fun, engaging sessions

Wired Activator Requirements

  • No previous canoeing experience needed
  • 14+ years old
  • Have an interest in leadership
  • Ability to manage/lead a session

The purpose of a U Canoe Activator

  • Oversee the delivery of U Canoe sessions
  • Ensure participants stay safe throughout session
  • Be a positive role model at all times
  • Encourage participants to create and invent new/exciting activities
  • Build appropriate relationships with participants
  • Allow participants to discover canoeing their own way
  • Adapt sessions to suit all abilities
  • Encourage participation for life
  • Monitor and evaluate sessions

For more information regarding the role of the U Canoe Activator, or to become an Activator, please email [email protected]