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U Canoe

U Canoe is British Canoeing’s offer to young people aiming to give a sense of adventure, a chance to socialise with mates and get out and get inspired to canoe for life!

U Canoe empowers young people to take charge of the content of their sessions. U Canoe resources are available which detail a range of activities that youngsters can take part in  and adapt to suit the paddlers needs and their environment.

Delivery Centres

U Canoe can be virtually anywhere either on land or on the water. Current delivery partners include:

  • Schools
  • HE/FE
  • Youth Groups
  • Canoe Clubs and Centres
  • Uniformed Groups
  • Leisure Centres


Uc Wired

U Canoe Wired aims to provide the initial excitement of canoeing in virtually any setting. By using the latest kayak ergometers and software participants can undertake a range of challenges, learn technique, challenge their friends, get fit or simply canoe.

U Canoe Wired aims to bring canoeing to those that may not have easy or regular access to canoeing on or off the water. By providing a safe, comfortable and informal setting participants can start to enjoy the wide variety of benefits canoeing has to offer without leaving their setting.

Benefits of U Canoe Wired

  • Informal, fun (and dry!) way to experience canoeing activities.
  • Wide range of options and outcomes for participants i.e. health, fitness, social, technique, educational.
  • Canoe in a known, safe and easily accessible location
  • ‘Drop in’ style sessions to encourage informality and participant led sessions
  • Led by trained Activators (aged 14+ years)


Uc Unleashed

U Canoe Unleashed aims to provide a fun, informal participant led experience of canoeing. Participants will have the opportunity to try out a range of activities which will test and develop their canoeing skills without having a structured coaching session.

U Canoe Unleashed is the perfect first step to getting on the water and becoming a regular paddler. It will provide participants with a positive experience of canoeing in a relaxed and informal environment, whilst learning through play and developing technique. Participants can decide on their own outcome of the sessions and will be encouraged by the trained Activators to progress onto the most suitable canoeing step.

Benefits of U Canoe Unleashed

  • Fun and informal introduction to canoeing
  • Participants decide their own outcomes
  • Variety of exit routes
  • Skill awards available
  • Range of activities to suit their needs

To find out more information about U Canoe and to get involved please contact [email protected]

Useful Downloads

Please click here to get access to a range of useful resources. 


Useful Downloads