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School and College Clubs

A School or College Club is a great way to engage your students with regular participation as well as providing the social aspect of sport which often results in longer term participation and enjoyment. As well as the health and well-being benefits, a club can provide opportunities beyond taking part in the sport alone, such as volunteering, coaching and or leadership roles providing additional benefits transferrable to academic achievement and employability.

This section provides details about the different school or college club opportunities.

Satellite Clubs

Satellite Clubs is a Sport England initiative to help bridge the step from school or college sport to community sport. Aimed at 11- 25 year olds a Satellite club is an extension or outpost of an existing local club, established in a new venue, such as your school or college. They are run by the local club who bring their expertise and enthusiasm to places where young people already meet.

If you are interested in linking with a local Canoe Club to establish a Satellite Club, contact your local British Canoeing Development Officer who will be able to help you with the process.

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Watersports School Hubs (schools only)

British Canoeing, British Rowing and Youth Sport Trust have developed Watersports School Hubs. These aim to develop young people’s participation in both indoor and outdoor water sports by providing clear pathways into community clubs for both participant and young leader/coach/instructor.

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Traditional Canoe Club

Your school or college may choose to form a more traditional Canoe Club which affiliates to British Canoeing. More information about British Canoeing Canoe Clubs can be found here.