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How To Get Involved

There are several ways your school or college can get involved with canoeing across a range of age groups, below are some programmes and activities designed specifically for schools and/ or colleges.

U Canoe

A British Canoeing programme which is designed and delivered by young people for young people. U Canoe is an informal youth based activity that can be delivered to a wide range of young people aged 14-25 years and provides a broad range of skill development opportunities for pupils beyond just taking part in sport. U Canoe can be enjoyed indoors, in your own sports hall or gym with U Canoe Wired and outdoors with U Canoe Unleashed.

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U Canoe offers a participant centred individualised programme where young people lead the process and their outcomes for the session. You can use U Canoe in a variety of ways to suit the needs of the pupils and your aims as a school or college. This could be:

  • Developing employability skills and links to the curriculum
  • Increasing participation in sport.
  • Providing a different option away from the traditional sports to engage the ‘non-sporty’.
  • Improving health and fitness.
  • Extra-Curricular Activity/ Enrichment. E.g. Session planning, leadership skills, health and safety knowledge and understanding.


As part of the U Canoe programme, British Canoeing offers U Canoe Activator training courses for teachers and students, enabling each to engage with U Canoe safely and effectively.

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Paddlepower is a young person’s Personal Performance Award from British Canoeing.

Aimed at the 14 and under age group (although there are no age restrictions), Paddlepower is more suited towards younger school students. Progression through the award is tracked using individual colourful progress cards and on completion the student is awarded an achievement certificate from British Canoeing.

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Consisting of multiple levels; Start, Passport, Discover, Explore and Excel, each award uses a colourful, flexible and youth-centred approach to learning and developing canoeing skills and knowledge across a range of topics- covering all aspects of the sport, both competitive and adventurous.

More details can be found here.

Star Awards

Consisting of Paddlesport Start, 1, 2 and 3 Star, these British Canoeing Personal Performance Awards are aimed at the 16+ age group (although there is no minimum age) and are therefore more suited to older school or college students. A Certificate is awarded on completion of each award. More details can be found here.

School Games (Schools Only)

School Games is a celebration of competitive intra and inter school sport for pupils that provide opportunities for all young people regardless of their experience, talent or ability.

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A year-round sporting calendar is created in each sub-region that is specifically designed to get young people competing at intra-school and inter-school levels, culminating in local, regional and national events.

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Duke of Edinburgh Award

Aimed at 14-25 year olds, the popular Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme can be completed using Canoeing. Canoeing activity fits into the structure and aims of the Duke of Edinburgh Award’s four section; Service, Skills, Physical Recreation and Expeditions. If your school or college is keen to start providing, or already does provide, Duke of Edinburgh Award opportunities to your pupils- Canoeing is a great activity to consider!


Your school or college may look to invest in canoeing specific equipment, a programme of activity or improve existing facilities. There are different funding streams which can assist with this. British Canoeing provides an easy to use funding search facility to help you find out what is available. Click here for further information.