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British Canoeing provides lots of resources to schools – both students and tutors – to help your school offer the fun, enjoyment and healthy benefits of canoeing.

​Bring canoeing to life in your school or college

Canoeing is a fantastic option for school or college sport that can be enjoyed by all; often attracting and being enjoyed by pupils who do not always engage in the more ‘traditional’ sports.

You don’t always need to get wet or have access to water to go canoeing!

Canoeing is accessible to all as pupils can take part on land with a kayak machine at your own venue, in a swimming pool or outside on a local piece of water.

If you are interested in getting involved with canoeing at your school or college this section will provide you with useful information.

British Canoeing also has a team of Canoeing Development Officers based regionally across England. If you would like further advice or guidance about any of the information within this section contact your local British Canoeing Development Officer.

School and College Clubs

A School or College Club is a great way to engage your students with regular participation as well as providing the social aspect of sport which often results in longer term participation and enjoyment. As well as the health and well-being benefits, a club can provide opportunities beyond taking part in the sport alone, such as volunteering, coaching and or leadership roles providing additional benefits transferrable to academic achievement and employability.

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How To Get Involved

There are several ways your school or college can get involved with canoeing across a range of age groups, below are some programmes and activities designed specifically for schools and/ or colleges.

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