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Canoeing is an excellent way for young people of all backgrounds to get into sport. British Canoeing wants to make paddlesports accessible to all and have a number of opportunities for a wide range of age groups.

There are many options for schools with a range of facilities...even those with no access to water can take part in an activity with a kayak machine.

Paddlesports at University can provide the perfect icebreaker for new students to make friends and discover more about the local area.

Canoeing is a recognised option in many sections of the Duke of Edinburgh award. Planning your Expedition section in a canoe can provide an exciting and educational alternative to walking.

U Canoe

U Canoe is British Canoeing’s offer to young people aiming to give a sense of adventure, a chance to socialise with mates and get out and get inspired to canoe for life!

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British Canoeing provides lots of resources to schools – both students and tutors – to help your school offer the fun, enjoyment and healthy benefits of canoeing.

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U Canoe is an informal youth based activity that can be delivered to a wide range of young people aged 14-25 years. For colleges, U Canoe offers a participant centred, individualised programme where young people lead the process and their outcomes for the session.

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University students are a prime group of young adults, keen to take part in and try new activities or develop existing skills. Some students arrive at university having already experienced canoeing and are keen to continue or do more, whereas for some it may be the first time they have had the opportunity.

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Duke of Edinburgh Scheme

Canoeing activities fit well into the structure and aims of the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

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