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Training & Workshops

For many people the thought of working with disabled paddlers can be daunting and full of questions. This can be so even if they don’t realise they already have the personal skills and qualities to find working with disabled people a very positive experience. Working with disabled people can be incredibly rewarding and most people just need some confidence building. The following courses and workshops can provide an excellent forum for you to share concerns, information and experiences.

Paddle-Ability training from British Canoeing

British Canoeing offers Paddle-Ability Modules at Foundation and Intermediate Levels. These provide you with the skills to introduce Paddle-Ability within your club or centre.

Disability Awareness Training Offered by different Organisations

Both UK Coaching and the Activity Alliance also offer a range of workshops and courses. To find out more, go to:

UK Coaching

Activity Alliance

The Activity Alliance have lots of useful resources to help you with your work with disabled people. Click here to find out more.

Impairment Specific Training

UK Coaching run an Effective Communication Course aimed at developing coach’s skills, so they can fully include deaf people of all ages in physical activity.

Mencap runs a Learning Disability Sport Workshop that covers a number of issues including the barriers people with a learning disability face when accessing sport and how to resolve these as well as communication and inclusion techniques. Participants will also learn how to promote sport to people with a learning disability and the different pathways and opportunities available in learning disability sport.

Action for Blind People runs Visual Awareness Training that helps people understand how individuals are affected by a number of visual impairments as well as strategies to support people with visual impairments.