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Equipment & Guidance

When it comes to paddling, everyone will have very different needs and abilities. With the huge range of crafts and paddles available there is not always a need for specialist equipment for disabled paddlers. In many instances mainstream equipment can be used or modified.

It is hard to recommend particular pieces of equipment for particular impairment types because people are affected very differently. Frequently it’s a case of finding the right solution by trying things out and working with an individual to identify what works best for them.

Guidance for working with disabled paddlers

To help clubs and centres understand their current disability provision and how they can develop their current programme the Activity Alliance has many useful resources on their website. In addition, the Inclusion Club Hub is a really useful tool that is simple to complete and gives lots of pointers, advice and resources particular to your needs.

By registering on the UK Coaching website, coaches can access a wide range of articles, resources and opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding of working with disabled participants including their Disability Awareness page and their Inclusive Coaching Course.

Coaches should remember that within each of the different impairments an athlete may have, there is a broad spectrum of ability and individuals may well be affected in very differing ways. Never be frightened to ask a participant what they can/cannot do and to experiment with different ways of making activity accessible for them.

Courses and workshops

There are also a number of coach and volunteer development workshops and opportunities available, more information can be found on the Intro to Paddle-ability Module page.