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Why choose a Delivery Partner?

Wanting a high quality, client-centred paddling experience and not sure who to choose? 

British Canoeing Delivery Partner Full Colour Logo

Whether you are looking to join a guided tour, develop your skills, hire paddlesport equipment, gain qualifications or have a bespoke paddlesport requirement, the British Canoeing Delivery Partner logo provides the confidence of high standards in the provision of paddlesport activities.

British Canoeing Delivery Partners have engaged and are committed to providing clients with a first class paddling experience that embraces learning and development. Delivering fun, engaging and safe activities that are aligned with your requirements.

If you are looking to try paddling for the first time, a seasoned paddler, parent, teacher or activity organiser, when you’re next looking to book your paddling activity, look out for the Delivery Partner logo and you can have the confidence that your activity will be of a high quality standard. Delivery Partners can be found all across the globe, allowing you to find local providers close to home or if you are considering participating in a paddlesport adventure whilst on holiday.

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If you’re interested in becoming a Delivery Partner, find out more here.

Please note, the Delivery Partnership has replaced the Quality Mark Scheme.

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