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Delivery Partners

British Canoeing Delivery Partners have engaged and are committed to providing clients with a first class paddling experience that embrace learning and development. Delivering fun, engaging and safe activities that are aligned with your requirements.

Whether you are looking to join a guided tour, develop your skills, hire paddlesport equipment, gain qualifications or have a bespoke paddlesport requirement, the British Canoeing Delivery Partner logo provides the confidence of high standards in the provision of paddlesport activities.

If you provide paddlesport activities, you can become a Delivery Partner to help develop and grow your paddlesport activity, share success and reach out to prospective customers of your business.

No matter whether you are from an outdoor centre, hire provider, tour guide, charity or an organisation providing paddlesport activity, you can become a Delivery Partner. A truly international partnership, you can be a Delivery Partner no matter where your business is based, within the UK or overseas, we welcome Delivery Partners from across the globe.