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Coaching Representatives

Our Coaching Representatives support paddlesport coaches locally. They provide a network of volunteers who offer a first point of contact for coaches and clubs on coaching-related matters.

The role of Regional Coaching Representative (RCR) exists to provide co-ordinated support and development opportunities for coaches at a regional level. This is a volunteer role and the successful role holder will lead a team of Coaching Representatives appointed to support them in their activities. RCRs represent the coaching needs at the Regional Development Team meetings and English Coaching and Leadership Network meetings and actively taking the lead of the English Coaching Objectives within the region. 

To view the relevant Terms of Reference and English Coaching & Leadership Network meeting minutes, please click here

Interested in seeing what we are working on?

In the section below you will find each of our regions Coaching and Leadership Development plan. If you're interested in supporting the work of your region, contact the relevant Coaching Rep using the contacts in the map above or by emailing [email protected]