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The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is an online resource centre available to affiliated clubs, containing news, advice, guidance, and more! Clubs can make use of our live chat, forums, webinars, and soon will be able to host meetings through a Zoom facility. 

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How to access it

The first time you wish to access the Clubhouse you will need to register using your membership number and email address at 

This will check you are assigned the appropriate committee role in the Club Portal, and that the club affiliation is up to date.

Once done you will be able to access the Clubhouse.

Anyone in your club with one of the following roles will have access to the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse updates overnight, but if you make a role change and wish for it to take effect immediately, please contact us.

If you have any problems accessing it please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]

You will gain access to the Clubhouse if you have one of the following roles:

·  Club Chair

·  Club Coaching Officer

·  Club Secretary

·  Club Treasurer

·  Club Volunteer Coordinator

·  Club Welfare Officer

·  Event Safety Officer

·  ShePaddles Champion

·  Clear Access Campaigner

·  COVID Officer

·  Club Official