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JustGo Online Club Portal

The online portal is available to all clubs for free as part of their affiliation to British Canoeing.

The JustGo Club Portal makes the task of club affiliation quicker and easier and allows your club to get all the information on your members and coaches securely in one place.

This also allows you to access members’ British Canoeing membership information.

Your Club Secretary will automatically be given access to your Club Portal as part of your affiliation, but you can give other committee members access by assigning them the Online Administrator role. 

Please be aware that this will give them access to your members’ personal details.

Key Features

Club Management
  • Create and update your club profile, e.g. contact information, activities or committee members

  • Complete your club affiliation and renewal

  • Confirm that you want your club advertised on Canoe Near You and Go Paddling

  • Purchase boat licences

Member Management
  • Bulk upload your Club Associates using an Excel spreadsheet

  • Add individual members, view records or renew club associate members

  • Assign roles to club members. For example, Safety Officer, Treasurer

  • As British Canoeing members link themselves to your club, you can see all your members in one place

  • Download reports, including membership and coach update scheme

  • View your members’ qualifications, CPD, Safeguarding and First Aid

  • Membership dashboard with an overview of members by role, membership category or status

If you have any questions or require further support please contact the Club Support Team at: [email protected]


User guide

For details on how to access and use the JustGo Club Portal please download the user guide below.

Club Portal User Guide - PDF

Adding roles to your Club Portal

If you need to add or remove a role such as Chair, Secretary or Online Admin, follow the You Tube video below.

This will also enable those added to access the Clubhouse.

Changing your clubs logo on the Club Portal

Your Club Logo on the Club Portal is also used on the Paddle Award Certificates and on your clubs Go Paddling page, therefore it should be a logo rather than a photograph showing people or places. 

This You Tube video shows how to change your current picture. 


Club+ is an additional set of features that can be added to your Club Portal to allow you to manage all aspects of your club administration.

There are a number of packages available at a discounted rate to British Canoeing Affiliated clubs, you can find out more by logging in to your membership account and going to the ‘Learn More’ tile.

Please note that Club+ is managed by JustGo and is separate from British Canoeing.

Club+ Resources

Resources and guidance for managing your club in Club+ can be found by logging in and going to the ‘Getting Started’ tile, or click here

Get involved:

If your club has any questions relating to or requires any assistance in accessing club portal please contact the Club Support Team : [email protected]

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