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Club Affiliation

Join around 400 other clubs as part of the British Canoeing Clubs family and take advantage of the benefits of affiliation, recognition and insurance. Affiliating your club with British Canoeing shows that you are working within British Canoeing’s standards for safeguarding and governance. For enquiries please contact: [email protected]

Get in touch with a Club Support Officer and Become an Affiliated Club!

If you're thinking about becoming an affiliated club and would like some support with the process please contact one of our Club Support Officer by clicking here.

Benefits of Club Affiliation:

  • £10 Million of Combined Liability Insurance Cover - Insurance for your Club’s Activity. More details on the Marsh British Canoeing Website (external link)

  • Promotion of your club - Club Listings and exposure to the over 600,000 visitors on our Go Paddling and British Canoeing websites.

  • Waterways Licences - at a reduced rate, for club craft (kayaks, canoes, paddleboards) used during club activity, on waterways managed by Environment Agency and Canal and River Trust.

  • Free DBS Checks - For club volunteers.

  • Access to the British Canoeing Event Entry System - For club events.

  • Access to The Clubhouse - Our one stop shop for online resources and guidance.

  • British Canoeing Club Associate Membership - Insurance for all your club members who aren’t On The Water members during club activity & access to selected events and competitions as a member.

  • Access to the dedicated British Canoeing Club Support Team

  • Grant Support - Access to British Canoeing grants PLUS support for external applications.

  • Paddle Award Certification -  Your club logo appearing on certificates

  • Managing Risk and Risk Assessment eLearning - Free access to CPD for your key volunteers to develop their knowledge and expertise.

  • Use of the British Canoeing Affiliated Club logo

How to Affiliate:

Get in touch with a Club Support Officer and become an Affiliated Club!

If you're thinking about becoming an Affiliated Club and would like some support please contact one of our Club Support Team by emailing [email protected].

Alternatively if you are ready to go please complete the affiliation questions about your club here, we can then create your Club Portal allowing you to agree to the affiliation agreement and let us know who your club volunteers are.

Clubs affiliate for a one year period from your start date and must be renewed annually to maintain continuous insurance cover. To carry the logo and reputation of British Canoeing your club will need to be a membership organisation that is properly constituted, has a club bank account, and has policies in place covering safeguarding and safe operating procedures. 

To affiliate you will need to provide your Constitution, Health and Safety Policy, Risk Assessment and Safeguarding Policy, plus contact details for your Chair, Secretary, Safety officer and Safeguarding officer. We will also require you to accept the British Canoeing affiliation agreement.

Your club Safeguarding officer will need to complete two, three hours training sessions around safeguarding practice, and the Safety Officer will need to complete training around Risk Assessment and running Club Events.

Club Affiliation Categories:

Senior Club with a Youth Section - £165 plus £2.20 for each adult Club Associate Member.

Senior Club - £135 plus £2.20 for each adult & £1.20 each Junior Club Associate Member.

Junior Club - £100 plus £2.20 for each adult & £1.20 each Junior Club Associate Member. To affiliate as a Junior Club, 85% of your membership must be under 18 years of age

Club Associate:

Any member of your club who is not a British Canoeing On The Water member is classed as a Club Associate member. The club pays a fee which covers third party liability insurance for these members to take part in Club Activity, and British Canoeing events and entry-level competitions. If you do not require British Canoeing insurance cover you will not be required to pay Club Associate fees. 

Club Activity:

Club Activity is defined as any activity that has been assessed as part of the club’s safety framework and promoted on the club calendar, website or noticeboard. Club activities also include inter-club activities where the responsibility for risk assessment and management is carried out and shared between all participating clubs. Club Associate members are only insured for Club Activity. For selected entry-level competitions and events the Club Associate must be identified on the Club Portal.

Club Data:

Clubs will also need a Data Privacy Policy to agree with their members, this needs to give the club the ability to share member information with British Canoeing for the purposes of running the sport, insurance and tracking member qualifications. There are support documents available in the Clubhouse.

Useful Downloads:

Constitution Template

Safeguarding Policy Template

Health and Safety Policy Template

Generic Risk Assessment Template