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Club Affiliation

If you want to enhance your club, affiliating to British Canoeing brings lots of benefits. The public and all agencies recognise you as being properly constituted, well managed and responsible. Through support from British Canoeing you can also ensure that you are operating safely in the interests of your members. We’ve made it easy for you to affiliate by providing all the templates and documents you need.

Get in touch with a Club Support Officer

If you're thinking about becoming an affiliated club and would like some support with the process please contact one of our Club Support Officer by clicking here.

Benefits of club affiliation

  • Advice – access specialist technical advice, news and bespoke support from experts
  • Combined Liability insurance cover – for your members and club activities up to £10 million plus access to a 24 hour legal hotline
  • Access to grant aid – clubs need to be affiliated to their National Governing Body to engage with grant giving agencies
  • Waterways licences – affiliate clubs can purchase ‘club boat’ licences, at a reduced rate, for use during club activity on waterways managed by Environment Agency and Canal and River Trust.
  • Promotion – you can use the British Canoeing logo to promote your club and have access British Canoeing promotional campaigns
  • Stronger Clubs Guidedesigned to help those involved in the running of their club and to access the club development resources and support
  • British Canoeing family – be part of an organisation that represents your interests, fights your corner and is there for you when you need help and advice

How to affiliate

To carry the logo and reputation of British Canoeing your club will need to be properly constituted, have a club bank account, together with basic policies in place and safe operating procedures. Once you have affiliated for the first time, this information is held centrally and there should be no need to resubmit information again in the future unless it has changed or been updated.

To affiliate to British Canoeing your club needs to submit the following documents:

1. Club Affiliation Form:

Please download the Club Affiliation Form and complete this form with affiliation fee payment, alongside providing the following club documents.

2. Club Constitution:

For guidance please see the Club Constitution Template download which covers key information on areas that should be covered.

3. Club Standard Operating Procedures:

This is a simple description of how the club operates on a day to day basis. It should cover who is responsible for carrying out certain tasks within the club. You’ll find the Club Standard Operating Procedure Template download a useful guide to which areas need to be covered on your procedures. Not all may be applicable to your club but equally there may be other procedures you observe which could be entered. It can be used as guidance or as a template for your written procedures.

4. Club Health and Safety Policy:

The British Canoeing Safety Guidance download contains lots of useful safety guidelines for paddler, clubs and volunteers.

Affiliated clubs need to have a Health and Safety Policy. A Health and Safety Policy statement template can be found here.

5. Club Risk Assessment:

Guidance for writing a risk assessment can be found by downloading and looking at our Generic Risk Assessment Template. Find both word and PDF versions within the useful downloads section at the bottom of this page.

6. Club Safeguarding Policy:

Full guidance and information on safeguarding can be found here including the British Canoeing Safeguarding Children Policy (SPC-P1)

A template Safeguarding Policy which can be used by your Club can be found here.

Information that we request on your affiliation form

On the affiliation form we ask you to complete details of your club members such as age, gender and if you have any disabled members. This helps us track where more support might be needed. It also helps when applying for grants and funding to support your club activity. We suggest you collect the date of birth of your members – you only need to do this once and it helps when applying for grants directly.