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Winter Club Challenge

Get involved in the Winter Club Challenge...from 1st December to 28th February. Top prizes up for grabs, instant leader board results, a dedicated App and webpage!

The Challenge

Looking for a challenge to get your club paddlers motivated? The winter club challenge is a great way to ensure you can all enjoy those mince pies and glasses of bubbly over the festive season guilt free. It’s also a great opportunity for the club to get social and think up some fun themed paddles. If we haven’t given you enough reasons already then it’s also an excuse to get out of the house, enjoy the fresh air and freshen up those fuzzy heads.

The two categories are:

  • Mileage: How many miles can your club members collectively paddle within the time period?
  • Places Paddled: How many different places can your club members paddle within the time period?

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Challenge details:

The Challenge runs from 1st December to 28th February. Miles are to be paddled on water (not a land based kayak machine. For the mileage category there are two separate club classes:

a.   Flat water racing clubs*

b.   Recreational/Touring clubs

With a dedicated Android and apple App for you to upload your results and a specific webpage showing a leader board of results as they come in, you will be able to keep an eye on how your club is faring against others taking part.


  • £100 to the Flat water racing* club or group who has submitted the Most Miles Paddled within the specified competition dates.
  • £100 to the Recreational/Touring club or group who has submitted the Most Miles Paddled within the specified competition dates.
  • £100 to the club or group who has submitted the Most Places Paddled within the specified competition dates.

*Flat water Racing Clubs - These are those clubs who have entered and are listed on either the Inter club sprint champs and /or the National Marathon Champs results.

How To Take Part

Entering the Challenge

Simply complete the registration form (link below). At this stage you will be given the option to:

(1) Nominate one person to collate and send in your club/groups results.

(2) Allow each of your club/group members to submit their results individually.

Once registered you can download the new Winter Club Challenge App, ready for starting the Challenge on the 1st December 2017.

Record your miles and places

If you choose to send in collective club/group results, you can use the British Canoeing progress wall chart (which will be posted to you) or the template excel spreadsheet, available below.

If you choose for your club/group members to submit their results individually make sure you remind your members to do so and share the app/website details with them all.

Top Tip: Unsure how to calculate your Miles Paddled? Try using Tracking Apps such as Paddle Logger, Endomondo or Strava.

Get social and share your progress!

Throughout the Challenge period you can share your progress, comments and photos via Facebook and Twitter using #WinterClubChallenge.We can then share your posts on the British Canoeing social media - just to let the competition know what they are up against!

As you submit your results throughout the Challenge period, you will be able to see your progress on the live leader board which will be displayed here.

(Please note: The leaderboard will show only those results which have been submitted to date; results are provisional until official final results are announced.)

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Deadline for results

To be included in the national competition, all results for Miles Paddled and Places Paddled must be submitted via the App or Website by Midday Friday 9th March 2018.

Remember only Miles Paddled and Places Paddled between 1st Dec 2017 and 28th Feb 2018 (inclusive) should be included in the Challenge results.

You can enter using the form below. See bottom of page for full information and terms and conditions.

If you have any questions or problems please contact

Good Luck and Happy Paddling!

Useful Downloads

Full Competition Rules, Terms & Conditions

Please read the full terms and conditions below before taking part in the Winter Club Challenge. 

Read more

  • Entries will only be accepted from British Canoeing Affiliated Clubs or Groups* with current membership (*Affiliated groups include Scouts, Guides and Sea Cadets).
  • The competition will run for three months from 1st December 2017 until 28th February 2018 inclusive.
  • To take part, clubs or groups must have entered using the online registration form provided.
  • To be included in the National Competition the club or group must submit all of their results to British Canoeing by midday Friday 9th March 2018.
  • Results must be submitted via the App or the online form provided on the website.
  • A ‘paddle’ whether it is part of the Miles Paddled or Places Paddled Challenge should be a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • Photographs submitted to British Canoeing as part of the competition may be used by British Canoeing for promotional purposes.
  • All Miles Paddled and Places Paddled must be completed in the UK.
  • British Canoeing are entrusting that all entrants will adhere to a fair and honest ethos when submitting their results. If there is uncertainty in the accuracy of the results submitted British Canoeing may be in contact to verify the results.

Miles Paddled

  • For the prizes awarded in miles paddled challenge, clubs are split into two categories; flat water racing clubs and recreational/touring clubs. We are defining flat water racing clubs as clubs who have entered and are listed on either the Inter Club Sprint Championships and/or the National Marathon Championship results. There is a top prize for the winner of each club category.
  • Miles Paddled must be done on water - land based paddling machines do not count.
  • The total mileage is the combined total of all club or group members’ miles paddled between the specified dates.
  • Club or group nights can be included – so make sure as many people attend as possible.

Places Paddled

  • The same location cannot be counted more than once.
  • There must be at least three or more club or group members paddling at the location to qualify as one location paddled (pets don’t count!).
  • An indoor location can count as long as it is on water e.g. swimming pools.
  • The spirit of the Places Paddled Challenge is to encourage clubs and groups to paddle at multiple locations throughout the winter months.
  • The number of places paddled cannot be accumulated within one journey. For example: If a journey is from A to D and en-route you pass or visit places B and C, these additional locations cannot be included in the number of places paddled.
  • The start point can be from the same location for different journeys, only when the object of the journey is to a clearly distinct and different location. For example: The journey starts at the club house. The group paddle upstream to a local landmark and back (this is 1 place paddled), on a separate occasion the group paddle from the clubhouse downstream to the next village and back; this can count as a 2nd place paddled.