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Are you considering a facilities project in the near future? Take a look at the frequently asked questions below and be confident that you and your club can answer them.

Where do I start?

Be clear on what the project is, and the intended outcome? – WHY are we doing this? WHAT will the affect be on our organisation in the short and long term? WHO can provide funding? Think about answering these basic questions:

  • Do we NEED to improve the facility? What is the NEED?
  • How will it increase participation (getting more people paddling regularly, getting, linking with new user groups etc)
  • Are we prepared to see the project through – DOES it have full committee or management backing?
  • What funding will we need? What are the anticipated costs and how will they be met – and what is the contingency?
  • Do we have or can we get the prerequisites for building a new facility? Planning permission, lease, legal status etc

Can we live with the additional running costs in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years?

What do I need to have in place to start a facilities project?

  • Clarity of need and purpose for the development
  • A robust sports development plan (how will this project help participation at the club?)
  • A robust business plan (how will we maintain the facility & meet new costs?)
  • Security of tenure (lease/land purchase etc)
  • Committee/membership/management general backing
  • Ideally a sub group to maintain daily contact/progress
  • An idea of any potential planning constraints and costs
  • An idea of total cost....and a contingency
  • FUNDING – where is it going to come from?

How much does a new club house cost?

  • This will vary depending on the size and complexity of your project.
  • Some rough estimates
    • Modest extension £150k
    • Small Clubhouse £300-£500k
    • Large Clubhouse £800k +
    • Hub Club House £1m+
    • Small landing £10k
    • Medium landing £20k
    • Large landing £30k
    • Internal building upgrades & refits can be £10k+ 

What is the best legal structure to adopt pre development?

It depends! Every organisation is different, it’s best to review the options and decide what is the best fit for now AND the future. If you’re in doubt, seek professional legal advice.

See here for simple advice