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Capital Investment Programme

British Canoeing is pleased to be able to offer support for organisations planning to improve their facilities. The Capital Investment Programme (CIP) scheme has up to £1.5m to allocate over the period 2013-17 towards projects large and small. The funding allocated to British Canoeing by Sport England is aimed at projects that support our strategic objectives to increase regular participation and talent pathways.

What are the scheme’s aims?

The aims of the Capital Investment Programme are to help secure, enhance and create facilities near to people’s homes. This includes provision to develop club facilities, improve access to water, increase boat storage and access to good quality equipment.

Organisations wishing to apply for Capital Investment funding should fit in with the strategic aspirations of British Canoeing and help increase regular participation in the sport. Before applying, it is worth reading through the FAQ section of our website and ensuring you are fully prepared to take on a project.

Who is eligible for these grants?

The Capital Investment programme will fund formally constituted not-for-profit organisations and statutory bodies. This could include sports clubs, voluntary organisations, charities, local authorities and schools. We will not fund an individual, sole trader or partnership, organisations established to make profit or organisations not established in the UK.

What is the process of securing a grant?

The British Canoeing Capital Investment Programme is highly competitive and often oversubscribed. The process requires a simple Stage One application, and, a more complex Stage Two application to have been completed and then reviewed internally by a panel before an award is made. This can take anywhere from a matter of months to over a year as projects reach a state of readiness.

Importantly to qualify for a British Canoeing grant an organisation must satisfy and evidence 6 cornerstone principles:

  • Planning Permission granted (or in progress)
  • Ownership or long lease on land secured
  • Partnership funding in place
  • Tendered and tender report received
  • Robust management in place
Projected participation numbers established, monitoring and collation method agreed.

Stage One ‘Expression of interest’

Organisations can submit a Stage one ‘Expression of Interest Form’ to British Canoeing once their project begins to have some firm plans in place and is well on the way towards the six cornerstones. The Stage one application does not guarantee any funding commitment by British Canoeing, but gives us some key information regarding your project.

Stage one asks for details of the nature of the project, expected costs, funding secured to date, amount requested from British Canoeing and also the likely timescale. Support to develop your stage one application is available from your Local Canoeing Development Officer.

To view the Stage one application, click here.

Stage Two – Formal Application

If successful at Stage One, projects will be invited to move to Stage Two, the formal application process. Here a greater depth of information is required in order for the Capital Investment Panel to be able to assess for award.

British Canoeing can provide a host of supporting templates and documents to help clubs develop their stage two application. These resources are useful to any club applying for partnership funding and developing their own case for grant aid.

During the Stage Two process, a visit from a member of the British Canoeing Facilities Team will be required. Here details of the project can be explored in greater depth and the venue checked prior to a panel assessment.

Clubs submitting a stage 2 application must fulfil all of the 6 cornerstone principles and provide a good case for how it intends to support the British Canoeing strategic priorities. On submission all documents requested must be in place and sent in to

Stage two applications are reviewed quarterly by a Capital Investment Panel. If an organisation is successful they will be notified by letter following the panel meeting.

Important Note

As with most capital funding schemes, any successful organisation will be subject to monitoring and evaluation post completion, based on the information supplied in the Stage Two application.

British Canoeing Capital Investment is exchequer funding, which means it must be spent within the year that it is awarded. If it is not spent it is lost. Projects must be prepared to go ahead when an award is made.