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Write a Canoe Trail

Canoe trails describe and promote interesting and enjoyable paddling routes. As a free resource, they are designed to allow people to access all the information and guidance needed to set off on their own paddling trip, as you can see here.

By providing comprehensive information on various routes, British Canoeing is looking to inspire and support more people in enjoying our waterways in a responsible manner. Whether a family looking for something to do during the holidays, or an individual wanting to relax after a long week at work, we want them to know where to experience canoeing safely and enjoyably.

Who can write and submit them?

British Canoeing is developing canoe trails nationwide by working in partnership with local experts, volunteers, coaches and organisations with a passion to do the same. If you have an idea for a canoe trail we’d love to hear from you:


By writing and developing a Canoe Trail you will be helping and inspiring people to find new places and enjoy the trail that you develop. Canoe Trails help us promote our wonderful sport, develop informative information and promote safe practice.

If there is a piece of water near you or somewhere you visit that you feel others would benefit from knowing about, we’d love to help promote it. You can email to get a copy of the full guidance and the template for writing a trail, but the points below give some idea of what we are looking for:

  • Are there any other trails on the waterway? We are particularly keen to get new trails in areas of the country, or on waterways, where we currently have gaps.
  • Is there certainty of access? We need to make sure paddlers have a positive experience on the trails we promote. We can only promote trails on waterways with a widely recognised right of access for paddlers. We can provide more information on the criteria for this.
  • Are there good facilities? We need to be able to provide details of car parking, good access points, and usable portage points on our trails. Ideally we would like more to be fully accessible for paddlers with disabilities, and would be keen to hear if there are any such suitable routes near you.