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Organise a Starter Session

Go Canoeing Starter Sessions are designed for people who have never tried canoeing. They make it easy for beginners to have a go for the first time in a fun, social and managed environment, with most sessions open for all ages and abilities.

If, however, you are interested in providing sessions for specific groups we would also encourage you to run specialist’s starter sessions such as Women’s Only, Paddle-Ability or specific boat types or disciplines like Stand Up Paddleboarding.

Who can organise Starter Sessions?

We are interested in working with any British Canoeing affiliated club or British Canoeing Activity Quality Marked providers to support you in running Starter Sessions.

If you are an organisation that falls outside these categories we recommend you get in touch with your local Canoeing Development Officer to discuss the potential for partnership work.

Register your Starter Session

Organising a Starter Session means you will be providing an opportunity for people in your local area to experience canoeing and inspire them to do more, as well as raising the profile of your organisation. If you already provide taster or introductory sessions, register them with us and we can help you promote your sessions further.

Registration Form

If your organisation would like to register a starter session with us click here or download the form below and email to

Useful Downloads

Registering is easy: Simply submit all the details of your event into our Starter Session registration form. Once your session has been registered we will send you resources to help you make your session a success as well as advertising your Starter Session on our website. The resource pack will include the following:

  • Guidance Information
  • 20 Go Canoeing Certificates
  • 20 Participant Consent Forms
  • One Participant Registration Form
  • Two Starter Session Posters that you can personalise

In return for Go Canoeing support and resources, please complete and return participant registration forms within seven days of the event.

Gathering feedback and statistics is very important for assessing success and whether we are meeting the needs of participants. Sport England is also very interested in the number of participants attending Go Canoeing sessions and these will be used to help secure future funding for the sport.

Session Guidance

While the content of the session should be decided by your coaching team, here are some suggestions of what a session could include. When organising a Starter Session it is essential to ensure that a welcoming and positive paddling experience is provided to participants within a managed environment.

Ideas for your session

  • Warmly welcome all participants
  • Ensure Go Canoeing Starter Session Consent and Participation Forms are completed
  • Briefly explain the benefits of your club/centre and canoeing
  • Introduce equipment and give safety briefing
  • Provide a 20- 60 minute paddling experience
  • Issue Go Canoeing certificates
  • Promote the follow up session
  • Present club/centre information or welcome pack for future opportunities
  • Return Participation Forms back to British Canoeing

Reminder for your sessions

  • Ensure appropriate safety management procedures are in place (e.g. risk assessments)
  • Ensure appropriate safeguarding procedures in place (e.g. Club Welfare Officer contact details available, reporting concerns procedure)
  • Check coaches have the appropriate safeguarding training

Why not get going now? Register your session today or contact us to find out more by email or by phone: 0115 8968821