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Organise a Starter Session

Starter Sessions are short introductory sessions, which allow beginners to experience paddling in a fun, relaxed environment. Designed to give a taste of paddling, they can be offered in any type of craft.

A low cost activity, with around 20 - 90 minutes on the water, they are a great way to encourage people to come to your club or centre for the first time. These sessions are the perfect opportunity to dispel some of the myths and worries around paddlesport with a positive first experience.

They can also be run as group or discipline specialist sessions, such as Women’s specific, Paddle-Ability or Stand Up Paddleboard.

Feedback shows that 90% of participants enjoy their session and would like to go paddling again. If you are looking to retain participants it is important to consider what your offer is beyond a Starter Session, how easy and attractive is it for people to return?

Who can organise Starter Sessions?

Any affiliated club or Quality Marked centre can get involved for free by registering activities with us. If you are an organisation that falls outside these categories please get in touch with to discuss the potential for partnership work.

Why register Starter Sessions with us?

We want to support you with being able to promote your activities at both a national and localised level. The more activities happening nationwide the greater impact we can collectively have in bringing new people into our sport.

For 2018 we have introduced a scheme that uses a credit based rewards  system, based on the number of activities you are running.
Credits can be used to redeem free resources for your activities. The more activities you run that offer clear progressional activities throughout the year the more credits you accumulate.

You can read all about the Go Canoeing offer for Clubs and Centres in the useful downloads on this page.

Gcbooklet Offer P89 Page 001

Register your Starter Session

Organising a Starter Session means you will be providing an opportunity for people in your local area to experience canoeing and inspire them to do more, as well as raising the profile of your organisation. If you already provide taster or introductory sessions, register them with us and we can help you promote your sessions further.

Registration Form

If your organisation would like to register starter sessions with us click here or download the form below and email to [email protected]

Session Guidance

  • Warmly welcome all participants
  • Ensure Go Canoeing Starter Session Consent and Participation Forms are completed
  • Briefly explain the benefits of your club/centre and canoeing
  • Introduce equipment and give safety briefing
  • Provide a 20- 90 minute paddling experience
  • Issue Go Canoeing certificates
  • Promote the follow up session
  • Present club/centre information or welcome pack for future opportunities
  • Return Participation Forms back to British Canoeing

Reminder for your sessions

  • Ensure appropriate safety management procedures are in place (e.g. risk assessments)
  • Ensure appropriate safeguarding procedures in place (e.g. Club Welfare Officer contact details available, reporting concerns procedure)
  • Check coaches have the appropriate safeguarding training

Why not get going now? Register your session today or contact us to find out more by email [email protected] or by phone: 0115 8968821