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Deliver Guided Tours

Key reasons people want to get outside are to explore the natural environment and spend time with family and friends. You know the best bits of your local waterways. Guided Tours are the perfect way to share them.

Aimed at beginners and paddlers wanting a group experience in a new place, the emphasis is on an interesting, pleasurable trip.
Paddlers will rely on you to provide all the equipment needed, as well as enjoying your local knowledge.

A Guided Tour can include basic paddling tips but the focus is on the relaxed, enjoyable experience, being delivered by a qualified leader/coach or recognised competent paddler. Themed tours are particularly popular.

Who can run Guided Tours?

Any affiliated club or Quality Marked centre can get involved for free by registering Go Canoeing activities with us. If you are an organisation that falls outside these categories please get in touch with to discuss the potential for partnership work.

If you would like to know more or your organisation would like to register a Guided Tour with us click here or download the form below and email to [email protected]

Benefits and Resources

We want to support you with being able to promote your activities at both a national and localised level. The more activities happening nationwide the greater impact we can collectively have in bringing new people into our sport.

For 2018 we have introduced a scheme that uses a credit based rewards  system, based on the number of activities you are running.
Credits can be used to redeem free resources for your activities. The more activities you run that offer clear progressional activities throughout the year the more credits you accumulate.

You can read all about the Go Canoeing offer for Clubs and Centres in the download below.

Gcbooklet Offer P89 Page 001

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