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Deliver Guided Tours

Guided Tours are designed to give participants an enjoyable canoeing experience where they are led on a journey along a waterway by a local expert.

The emphasis is on giving them a pleasurable trip and introducing subtle elements of local interest and/or themes. The tours can be aimed at beginners or canoeists who want to visit somewhere new with a group.

Who can run Guided Tours?

Go Canoeing Guided Tours can be delivered by organisations that are firstly British Canoeing Activity Quality Mark providers and secondly signed up to be become Go Canoeing providers. We currently work in partnership with over 30 Go Canoeing providers to support them to run and promote Guided Tours alongside their other activities such as Starter Sessions and Canoe Hire.

We are interested in expanding the locations that we run Guided Tours and other Go Canoeing activities from so if you are interested take a look at the options available within the British Canoeing Activity Quality Mark scheme or contact us directly to find out more at: or phone on  0115 8968821. If you also offer canoe hire let us know as this is something we will be advertising widely in the future.

Benefits and Resources

Do you run, or are you interested in running, Guided Tours and would like to benefit from a nationwide brand that offers a recognised national standard and promotion? If so, getting on board with the Go Canoeing Provider would provide your business with a great opportunity.

  • Benefit from greater profile - through national marketing campaigns and presence of your tours on the Go Canoeing website.
  • Enhance your reputation - be part of a recognised scheme and national brand, align your business with canoeing’s governing body.
  • Share learning and develop new partnership opportunities - annual forums where we share our knowledge about customers and their interests so we can all improve what we offer.
  • Benefit from Promotional Resources - Go Canoeing branding promotional resources that you can use to promote your activities.

If you are a provider that already delivers guided tours it is important to emphasise that the aim is to complement the activities you already run and drive new business to your tours, not compete with them.


Tour Guidance: All the Guided Tours you advertise under Go Canoeing have to fit within our Go Canoeing Tour Guidance. However, they do not need to follow the exact format of the tours currently advertised. We feel it is a beneficial for companies to have unique selling points and variety in their offer. By having a choice of local appeal, and a range of distances and opportunities, people can choose the tours that most appeal to their motivations, interests and experience. It is important to ensure that everyone is provided with clear information on what the tour involves and the facilities and equipment provided. The pricing of your tours is up to you to set.

Booking and advertising: All providers should have their own booking systems in place. This can be either through a link to an existing online booking system or telephone bookings. This allows you to directly take the profit, manage the costs and bookings involved with the running of the tours. We will advertise your tours on our website and signpost customers to your existing booking systems.

Our overall aim is to work with you in a partnership to promote and support you with running tours encouraging more people out onto the water, enjoy and progress within our wonderful sport.

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