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Go Canoeing Opportunities

Introducing new people to paddling is the lifeline to our sport and we are passionate about making this happen. British Canoeing have developed the Go Canoeing programme, specifically aimed at attracting, retaining and inspiring new participants through progressive pathways.

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Be a part

Clubs and Centres play a vital role in both introducing and nurturing paddler skills and development. Working with and supporting you, Go Canoeing provides a range of offers, free resources and information to help attract new customers and members.

A dedicated section on this website supports the programme at a national level, with localised listings of your activities. Alongside this we run four seasonal national marketing campaigns. throughout the year to raise awareness and drive people to the website, inspiring them to find out where and how they can get started. You can find out more about these in the booklet download below.

For 2018 we have introduced a scheme that uses a credit based rewards system, based on the number of activities you are running.

Credits can be used to redeem free resources for your activities. The more activities you run that offer clear progressional activities throughout the year the more credits you accumulate.

Ways to Get Involved

We recognise that all providers are different and therefore may want to engage with us in different ways. We currently have the following opportunities you could choose to get involved in:

You can read more about the Go Canoeing offer in our Go Canoeing for Clubs and Centres booklet below.


  • Being part of a large nationwide initiative, which will raise your organisations profile
  • Play a part in increasing the profile and participation of people going canoeing
  • Enjoy greater promotion of your local Go Canoeing activities on our website
  • Access supporting promotional resources, guidance and templates
  • Gain potential new customers and members
  • Get lots of support from the Go Canoeing team

If you would like to know more about these opportunities or how you could get involved please contact us at: [email protected] or phone on: 0115 8968821.

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