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Marketing & Promotion

To attract new members to your club you need to ensure that your club has a high profile in the community; this can also help when you are seeking grants and funding. You will need to be clear about what opportunities you can offer to potential new members and who it is you are trying to attract to your club.

A great way to introduce new people into your club is to organise a Go Canoeing Starter Sessions, these are sessions that simply allow people to come along and have a go alongside getting a feel for your club. British Canoeing can support your club with the promotion & organisation of your session, for full information on how to get involved and benefit from this see our how to run a Starter Sessions page.

When you are promoting your club it is important to be honest about what you are and do – we are a very diverse sport and you may not cater for everyone’s needs – so be realistic and you won’t waste yours or the potential member’s time. And don’t forget – you can always tell them where there is a local club who caters for their interest.

Welcoming New Members

As the saying goes, 'First impressions count' and this is certainly the case when welcoming new members to your club. Often a key reason that clubs struggle to retain their members and maintain a thriving membership is because the member is not properly welcomed in the first place. From their first impressions of your club - from the facilities, activities on offer to the people they meet - prospective members will make assumptions about how attractive, friendly, well organised and professional your club is.

No matter how good your organisation and promotion the key to success will be how potential new members are greeted and welcomed into the club. You need to consider the best way to do this. Measures could include:

  • Publicise clearly the contact details of a club member to be the first point of call and public face of the club.
  • Establish members who will be on site and available to greet new members or take new enquiries and introduce them to the club.

One way to help ensure these first impressions are positive is to introduce a Club Welcome Pack for new and prospective members. This will demonstrate that your club is a well-managed and professional club and that you are keen to make an effort to welcome people to your club.

Further help and guidance on marketing and promotion can be found on the Sport England Club Matters website, which includes specific modules for marketing.

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