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Governance & Roles

For effective management of your club you need to ensure your club has a constitution place and a formalised committee with designated active roles in place. As a minimum you should have the following roles; Chair Person, Treasurer, Secretary, Club Welfare Officer, Volunteer Co-ordinator, Safety Officer.

All clubs need volunteers to take on roles and responsibilities to fulfil their formal obligations as a constituted organisation, but also to develop roles which will lead the successful running and develop activities.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of canoeing in Britain without which it would impossible to sustain the development of young people, clubs, coaching and competitions. This includes coaches, officials, committees, trustees, parent helpers, and anyone else who gives their time free of charge.

The roles your club needs will vary according to the size and nature of your club. We have set out a list of roles each with role descriptions that you can use or develop to best suit your club.




Volunteer coordinator

Coaching coordinator

Health and Safety Officer

Club Welfare Officer

Junior coordinator

Media and publicity officer

Events/trips organiser

Events safety officer

More information can be found on Sport England’s Club Matters site for volunteers and also within our volunteering section of this website.