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ClubTogether Portal

The ClubTogether portal is available to clubs as a benefit of their affiliation.  

The portal provides online services to clubs and the key volunteers running them.  The system is designed to reduce the time and effort involved in administering a club.  

The portal is part of the GoMembership database used by British Canoeing to administer membership services and having members and clubs in the same system will mean clubs can see all members and whether they have British Canoeing membership or club membership. 

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Most clubs are run by a core group of volunteers and coaches in their spare time.  Over the past 12 months clubs have been asking for help to make the task of managing the club quicker and easier and for more information around members and coaches. 

ClubTogether will be available to all clubs as part of their affiliation package to British Canoeing, at no extra cost. 

When we introduced the new membership categories, we also set up a new Club Associate category for those members of clubs who are not individual British Canoeing members. If you choose to use the new system, as someone joins or renews with your club they would become an associate member and be able to choose whether to receive communications from British Canoeing. 


Before you get started there are a couple of items that you should check are in place. 

  • Have you communicated with club members around the change in process?
  • Have you updated your Opt In Statements for members?
  • Have you agreed who will be your online administrator? For example, Club Secretary, Treasurer
  • Have you a spreadsheet of the non British Canoeing members? 
  • Have you got your club information - including description and contact information - ready for input?

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If you are interested in being kept up to date about developments and to get access to ClubTogether, then fill out the form below.

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If you are involved in the administration of your club, there are a number of benefits to using the system. 

  1. A better process for your Affiliation to British Canoeing - If you club decides to use the portal we will be able to identify your club committee members and run the affiliation process through the system rather than through emails and the website. 
  2. Saving you time - You'll reduce the time spend completing the affiliation and payment process.  Once members have been uploaded to the system, members can keep their own details up to date, and data will be stored for you safely. 
  3. Access to reports - as a club you'll have both some standard reports on club memberships and coaching updates as well the ability to see a dashboard providing an overview of members by role, category and whether their membership is active or inactive. 
  4. Helping with data protection - The new data protection regulations came into force in May 2018 and clubs do need to think about the information they hold on members and make sure it is held securely.  By using ClubTogether, we can provide you with the peace of mind that your members' details are being held in a secure environment.

Next Stage Developments

Over the coming months we will be developing a number of other features that clubs will find beneficial and help you out even more!  

  • Event Management - run your club events, from private social events through to a canoe or kayak race
  • Membership Management - set up and allow members to pay for their club membership or boat storage fees 
  • Set up your club with a merchant account to manage all finances 

Some of these will be at an additional cost to the club. 

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Key Features

The best way to learn about the features available is to login and take a look, but below is an overview of the main functions available. 

An overview of pilot and checklist is available for download along with a How To guide. 

Club Management

  • Create and update your club profile e.g. contact information, activities or committee members 
  • Complete your club affiliation and renewal
  • Confirm that you want your club displayed on Canoe Near You 
  • Purchase boat licences 

Member Management

  • Complete a bulk upload your non British Canoeing members using an Excel spreadsheet
  • Add individual members, view records or renew club associate members 
  • Assign roles to club members. For example, Safety Officer, Treasurer
  • As British Canoeing members link themselves to your club, you can see all your members in one place


  • Standard club reports including membership and coach update scheme 
  • Membership dashboard with an overview of members by role, membership category or status

Useful Downloads

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions about ClubTogether answered:

What are the costs for using the system? 

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We'll be offering ClubTogether to all affiliated clubs as one of the benefits of affiliation to British Canoeing. 

The club management, member management and affiliation processing is all included in the current fees that you pay. 

Can we choose which parts of the system we use? 

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Yes, that is possible. British Canoeing would like to reassure all clubs that the new process will not be compulsory, and clubs can choose whether to use the new online system or to continue with the current form and process.  

We'd encourage clubs to explore all the features, because you'll find the greatest benefit by using more of the system.

When we upload members, will British Canoeing be contacting them? I'm concerned about our members receiving marketing. 

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When you upload the details of your non British Canoeing members to the system, we will send them a registration email so that they are able to login and complete their details including an Emergency Contact. 

At this point, they will be given the option to opt in to communications from British Canoeing. This will be really clear with details of what they are signing up for.  In every communication sent we include an unsubscribe option. 

We think it's important that everyone in the paddlesport community has the opportunity to hear about news, guidance, updates and events. 

What details do we need to provide on members? 

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When doing a bulk upload of members there are a number of mandatory fields to help reduce the likelihood of duplicate records. 

The key items of data are Name, Date of Birth and Postcode, but the more information included in the spreadsheet, the more complete each record will be. 

We will provide clubs with a template to be used when uploading members, and this is also available within the ClubTogether portal.