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Club Structure

By getting your clubs structure and governance correct you will improve the effectiveness of your club alongside ensuring you manage risk and protect your members and volunteers.

There are four main types of structures that your club can adopt, list below. It is important to choose the best one for your club as each one has different legal implications and one may be better suited for you to help with the future development of your club.

  • Unincorporated
  • Incorporated
  • Charitable
  • Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASC’s)

The right one for your club will depend on a number of factors. Full details and the most up to date information about these structures can be found in the Club Structure section of the Sport England Club Matters website.

You will also find lots of useful information about these alongside how to set up and constitute your club, operating in the community, lease agreements, business rates and rate relief within our Guidance Pack – Club Structures & Business Essentials.