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British Canoeing is here to help your club increase its membership, be a successful facility and flourish in helping people enjoy paddlesport in all its forms. In this section you’ll find information and guidance on how to run your club effectively. Including how to run the business affairs of your club, how to operate and promote yourselves successfully.

Club Affiliation

If you want to enhance your club, affiliating to British Canoeing brings lots of benefits. The public and all agencies recognise you as being properly constituted, well managed and responsible. Through support from British Canoeing you can also ensure that you are operating safely in the interests of your members. We’ve made it easy for you to affiliate by providing all the templates and documents you need.

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It’s really important that your club has got insurance to cover day to day operations and activities that your club runs. Combined Liability insurance is provided for your club when you affiliate to British Canoeing. Full details of cover can be found here. 

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Online Club Portal

The British Canoeing online portal is available to clubs as a benefit of their affiliation.  

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The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is an online resource centre available to affiliated clubs, containing news, advice, guidance, and more! Clubs can make use of our live chat, forums, webinars, and soon will be able to host meetings through a Zoom facility. 

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Club Webinars

The British Canoeing Club Support Team hold regular webinars to help support the development of affiliated clubs and their volunteers. These webinars cover a range of topics including managing club volunteers, increasing club membership, safety and club insurance.

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