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Women's Canoeing

Want to stay fit and healthy but don’t like going to the gym?

Like the outdoors and meeting up with friends?

Feel you need a new challenge?

Why not try canoeing - there really is something for everyone!

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Expand Why try canoeing?

Why try canoeing?

The great thing about canoeing is it's open and welcoming to everyone. The variety and flexibility makes it a great sport for women and girls and there is something for all shapes, sizes and abilities.

Good fun, and good for you: Canoeing provides you fabulous exercise. It’s great for building confidence and self-esteem as well as being much more fun than going to the gym! You can choose how much you want to push yourself, whether you want to take part with friends, family, use it to meet new people or explore the countryside from a different perspective.

Challenge yourself: You can take part competitively as part of a team or to test your ability as an individual. In most of the competition disciplines women and men enter the same competition, but compete separately. However in some lower division events, for example Canoe Polo and Canoe Marathon, women can sometimes compete alongside men.

Join the Women's Facebook Paddling Community here.

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Expand How to get started

How to get started

Get started! If competition isn’t your thing and you want to simply enjoy canoeing recreationally, as a social hobby or a way of escaping the day-to-day, there are plenty of different types of canoeing available that focus on recreation and leisure. Our Go Canoeing section gives you details of local clubs and centres, Go Canoeing Starter Session and Guided Tours, some of which include female only session if this is something you would be interested in.

If you have children, canoeing is a great activity for the whole family to spend time together…or you might choose to keep it as your little ‘escape’ away from the kids!

There are really no restrictions and the choice is yours. If you are not sure what area you are going to like best, why not try a bit of everything paddlesport has to offer.

Join the Women's Facebook Paddling Community here.

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Expand Women's Paddling Ambassador Programme

Women's Paddling Ambassador Programme

We are excited to announce our ten women's paddling ambassadors for 2018!

We had lots of great applications from a wide variety of wonderful women and are pleased to reveal that our ten ambassadors are Fi Corfe, Addi Man, Erin Bastian, Amy Blaker, Pam Philips, Kimberley Woods, Shena Mathers, Clare Osborn, Deborah Kerr and Kate Clark. 

Our ten ambassadors come from a wide range of disciplines and take part at all levels of the sport. One thing they all have in common is their bucketloads of enthusiasm and the desire to inspire more women to go paddling.

Over the next year the ambassadors will be spreading the word about the benefits of getting on the water and attempting to break down some of the perceived barriers to more women getting into and progressing through the sport.

Throughout the year we will be sharing our ambassadors stories of their journeys into canoeing and kayaking. They will also be active members in the British Canoeing Women's Paddling Community Facebook group. 

The Facebook group has been created to allow female paddlers (and those who want to become paddlers!) a space to share ideas, make new friends, meet up, swap advice and stories and discuss paddling in general.

You can join them in spreading the paddlesport joy by using the hashtag #ShePaddles in your paddling related posts. Join the Women's Paddling Community here.

Feel like getting inspired by some awesome women?! You can read more about each ambassador and check out their social media channels on the Ambassador Profiles Page.
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Expand Women's Engagement Advisory Panel

Women's Engagement Advisory Panel

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Applications for the Women's Advisory Group have now closed. Watch this space for announcements on our panel.

Women's Paddling Community Facebook Page

For inspiration and information on women's paddling join our Women's Paddling Community Facebook page.

The group has been created to allow female paddlers (and those who want to become paddlers!) a space to share ideas, make new friends, meet up, swap advice and stories and discuss paddling in general.

Join the Women's Paddling Community here.