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Super September 120 Mile Challenge

Take on the Challenge...

September just got a re-vamp and became Super September!

Join in with our 120 mile paddling challenge this Super September! Challenge yourself to cover 120 miles throughout the month and raise money for Cancer Research UK at the same time!

A Little Breakdown...

To achieve this fantastic mileage you would need to paddle an average of four miles per day. 

Just so you know, 120 miles is:

  • Roughly the same distance between Holme Pierrepont and Lee Valley White Water Centres. 
  • The longest distance covered by a self driving truck. It was delivering Budweiser in Colorado.
  • Two miles longer than the M25. Without all the traffic jams you can probably cover the distance faster by boat!
  • The length of navigable waterways in the Norfolk Broads.
  • The equivalent of 42,915 canoes and kayaks, laid end to end.

How Can You Take Part?


This is a new and exciting challenge which has been set up to inspire you to get out on the water and to help raise money for our chosen charity Cancer Research UK.  

You can take part in any boat, at any location. You can choose to paddle the full mileage in one day or clock up the mileage over the month. You can do all the miles as an individual or you can complete it as a group. 

How you choose to complete this challenge is entirely up to you. All you need to do is paddle the grand total of 120 miles during the month of September and register your achievement with us. 

Why not plan a trip on a new stretch of waterway.If you are looking for inspiration take a look at our fantastic canoe trails.

If you don't fancy clocking up all those miles then why not check out all the other fantastic spectator events taking place throughout the month here.

To register your interest and receive up to date information on the challenge please fill in the short form here.

If you want to you can also fund raise for Stand Up To Cancer whilst taking on this feat. Its easy to get started, just download the sponsorship form below and start telling people what you are planning. Get your friends and family to sponsor you for taking on this epic challenge and know that every stroke you take and every pound you raise you are helping our scientists make some absolutely rock star discoveries.

Useful Downloads


Let’s face it, cancer’s had it coming for a while. But enough’s enough. Our generation can overthrow cancer. If we join forces on some ballsy fundraising, we can bring in the cash to get game-changing tests & treatments to people, ASAP.

 Stand Up To Cancer is an annual fundraising campaign which provides funding for our Cancer Research UK scientists to take their developments in the labs and accelerate them into brand new tests and treatments for cancer patients who need them right now.

 This #SuperSeptember we need you to grab your paddle, jump in a canoe and dig deep to cover 120 miles and raise money to help our scientists kill cancer.

We have created a sponsorship form which you can download and get your friends and family to sponsor you.

100% of the cash you raise will go towards generating game changing cancer tests and treatments, ASAP.