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Inland Touring Awards

The British Canoeing Touring Awards are perfect for those who like to get out regularly and officially record their mileage.

The awards are available for completing 100, 250 and 500 miles in any one year and for completing 1000, 2500, and 5000 miles over any period. There  is also an Elementary Certificate for those new to touring.

We know that some of you like to get out and really rack up the miles in your boat. It is great to be able to keep a record of the miles and places you have paddled and be recognised for all those hours on the water.

The Touring Awards have been around for some years and they aim to give you just that provision.

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A touring logbook is available for those who wish to keep a permanent record of their tours. The official logbook must be used for entry to the Touring Award Scheme and can be downloaded below.

This record of tours and journeys is also helpful in recording mileage in order to achieve various Star, Paddlepower, and Coaching awards. 

Each year a variety of touring and recreational events are organised by British Canoeing clubs, which are open to paddlers.

The Touring Award scheme has four components:

1.     The Elementary Certificate.

2.     The British Canoeing Annual Touring Awards, for annual distances.

3.     The British Canoeing Annual Inter-Club Touring Trophy competition.

4.     The British Canoeing Touring Awards, for cumulative distances. (Members only)

​The Elementary Certificate

This is intended to encourage beginners in clubs and those attending outdoor pursuit courses or holidays to interest themselves in canoe touring, and to go on to earn a touring award.

This is be awarded on completion of 15 miles paddled.

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The British Canoeing Annual Touring Awards, for annual distances

This consists of the following awards:

  • Annual Bronze Touring Award for paddling 100 miles.
  • Annual Silver Touring Award for paddling 250 miles. (The Silver Award can be claimed when the paddler has obtained the Bronze Award in three consecutive years.)
  • Annual Gold Touring Award for paddling 500 miles.

These awards are related to the mileage paddled in any twelve-month period. To claim an award, the logbook recording the mileage must be sent to the Award Administrator. A badge and certificate will be awarded and the logbook returned.

The British Canoeing Annual Inter-Club Touring Trophy competition

This is an annual competition between British Canoeing Affiliated Clubs. A trophy is awarded to the club with the highest number of points.

The points are awarded for the total number of miles paddled by the competing club's members. Further points are added for British Canoeing Touring Awards won by members during the calendar year.

There is no entry fee for entering the Annual Inter-Club competition.


The British Canoeing Touring Awards, for cumulative distances. (Members only)

The mileage required to gain a British Canoeing Touring Award is much greater than the British Canoeing Annual Awards, so no time limits are set.

All logged miles will count, including mileage for which previous British Canoeing Awards have been obtained.

The British Canoeing Gold Touring Award will be presented to the recipients at a suitable venue.

If you would like inspiration on where to paddle your miles why not check out our Canoe Trails or Challenge Routes?

Logbooks, containing further information on the awards, can be downloaded below or obtained from the British Canoeing Head Office by emailing:

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