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Windermere Challenge Route

This intermediate Challenge Route is situated within the beautiful surroundings of the Lake District National Park. The lake is nestled by the lower foothills of the Lake District with higher level fells to the north. At nearly 11 miles long, it is the largest natural lake in England. Remember that being a very popular holiday destination, the area can attract large numbers of visitors throughout the year.

Challenge Distance Time Type
Paddle the length of Windermere 11 miles 2-4 hours (approx.) Intermediate

Why Windermere?

The delight of this Challenge Route is that you can escape the hustle and bustle on shore, and enjoy the relative tranquillity out on the water (although it too can get quite busy in places). There are also plenty of sights and wildlife which can be seen from the water whilst completing the challenge.

With careful, sensible planning and ensuring you follow safety guidance, the Windermere Challenge Route is an enjoyable intermediate level challenge set in beautiful surroundings. Good luck and make sure you read all of the safety guidance within the information pack below before embarking on your adventure!

​Registering your challenge

Once you have ventured out and completed the Windermere Challenge Route we’d love to hear from you about your experience. You can do this by registering your challenge with us, in return we will recognise your efforts by sending you a certificate and displaying your time on our national leader board (if you chose this option at registration).

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