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Canoe Trails

Our Canoe Trails are a free resource that give you all the information you need to set out on a canoeing adventure by yourself, with family or friends. They are a great way for people with some canoeing experience to find new and exciting places to paddle.

To see all of our current Canoe Trails go to the Canoe Near You Trails Search.

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Choice of trails: All our trails have been written by local experts, so you can really trust them. There is also a great variety of trails – from scenic routes on rural rivers, heritage trails on urban canals to peaceful floats along the shores of lakes – giving you a great choice for a great day out on the water.

Detailed information: Within each trail we include all the practical information you need – information on where to park and the location of the nearest toilet. There’s even information about the history of the waterway you’re travelling on and the local sites of interest. Many of our trails are in canoeing hotspots meaning there is likely to be somewhere to hire kit if you haven’t yet invested in your own.

Staying safe: It’s important before you head out on a trail that you thoroughly read all the information contained within it including the waterway licence info and safety guidance to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable time whilst out on the water. If you have no canoeing experience we would recommend visiting a club or centre first to build up the basic skills before heading out on one of our Canoe Trails.

To see all of our current Canoe Trails go to the Canoe Near You Trails Search.

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Trail Grading

There are trail types for a range of abilities and experience, from two mile paddles to 30 mile treks. To help you work out which Canoe Trails are best suited to your ability and experience, we have graded all trails with a level indicator:

  • VERY EASY - Flat water, distance up to two miles
  • EASY - Flat water, distance up to 12 miles, close to urban areas
  • MODERATE - Flat water, distance up to 20 miles, a fair balance of urban/rural
  • MODERATE/CHALLENGE - Flat water distance up to 25 miles, more urban than rural can include tidal/flowing/open waters
  • CHALLENGING - Flat water, distance up to 30 miles, more rural than urban can include tidal/flowing/open waters

If you can’t find a trail to suit you, don’t worry, we frequently update the website with new trails so watch this space. If you have a trial you would like to submit we’d love to hear about it. For more information on writing a canoe trail please email Chris Page at Tel 07794 051286.

We are always trying to improve the information we provide so if you have any feedback on our trails please let us know by emailing Chris Page.

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You need to know…

…that access to and along water in England can be a difficult legal issue. We have ensured these trails have widely recognised rights of access, or fair local agreements, to ensure that you can have confidence that you will not be challenged while paddling. If you are paddling on a managed canal or river navigation you will generally need a licence to do so. If stopped with no licence, you will be at risk of being fined. Please check the information to see what and if any licences are required before you head off.

Why not join British Canoeing?

If you are planning to paddle regularly it would be worth considering joining British Canoeing? As one of the great benefits of joining is you will receive a full licence to paddle a huge range of navigations across the country, saving you a great deal of money and hassle. For more information about joining and licences click here.

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Disability information

Due to the nature of our sport trails can be more or less accessible depending on water levels and other environmental factors. We are working towards gathering more information about accessibility of our trails however key points that you can look out for are the number and description of portages and checking out the access points before hand. If you are newer to canoeing why not try a Go Canoeing Guided Tour first where the provider will have plenty of information about accessibility.