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The Bliss Canoe Trail

The Bliss Canoe Trail is an 862 mile circumnavigation of the inland waterways of Britain. It was first described in a book titled 'Canoeing' by William Bliss in 1934. 

For today’s paddlers, the route offers many opportunities from a grand extended tour over weeks to an afternoon logging another section of the diverse waters it covers.

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The route includes the whole of the ‘Devizes to Westminster’ course, most of the Desmond Family Canoe Trail (Leeds Liverpool Canal) and the complete Soar Tour plus sections on the River Severn, Avon, Thames and Trent.

There are:

506 Locks, 13 Tunnels, 19 Canals and Rivers, 2 short dry sections in Montgomery Canal (under restoration) and 3 Tidal Sections.

For clubs and groups the Trail offers the possibility to adopt local lengths. These groups can contribute local knowledge to the online route, which is part of

The ambition is that the ten British Canoeing regions that the trail passes through will organise the adoption of short lengths by local canoe clubs and paddling groups. The aim will then be, that these clubs set a date each year when they invite paddlers to come and share ‘their’ section with them ether for a day or weekend. A couple of years down the line it would be great to set one weekend a year when all of the trail is paddled by lots of groups of paddlers doing different sections over the same two days.

The beauty of the Trail is that Membership of British Canoeing includes the licence which covers all of the waterways paddled on the trip.

With the generous sponsorship of Hou Canoes, the Bliss Canoe Trail is being re-instated as a challenge trail for all paddlers. Colin Broadway has been responsible for bringing the trail back to paddlers attention.

For more information and a large map of the complete Bliss Canoe Trail visit the dedicated website here.

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