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In 2016, British Canoeing acquired a piece of land on the banks of the River Wye in a quiet village of Hoarwithy. The site, split into two fields with access to the road, will enable safe landing and launch for paddlers on one of the country’s most popular rivers for canoeing, roughly half way between Ross on Wye and Hereford.

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The River Wye is one of England’s most popular rivers; each year thousands of people enjoy journeying through the beautiful scenery. Often it is the place where individuals or families get their first experience of a river trip through the many commercial hire providers.

In 2016, the opportunity to acquire a piece of land on the River Wye arose. ‘Toll Paddock’ offered the potential for a guaranteed access point for launching, egress or a stop off, approximately half way between Ross on Wye and Hereford. British Canoeing secured the freehold on the land at auction and is now working hard with local volunteers and neighbouring land owners to manage the plot in the best interests of paddlers and the local community.

British Canoeing is proud to be a stakeholder on the River Wye, it is committed to being a responsible land owner and care for the land so that people can enjoy it’s beautiful location for generations to come. We are pleased to be working closely with Fox Rural and the Old Harp Fishery to allow angling to take place from the river bank. Through mutual respect, both partners can enjoy all the site has to offer.

Toll Paddock is a fantastic resource for the whole paddling community, so please enjoy and respect the land and its neighbours.

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By boat, the land is situated on river right, immediately after the road bridge into the village of Hoarwithy. There is a gravel beach approximately 200m along the bank where canoeists should land.

From the road, the site can be accessed via a gate on the right hand side of the road before crossing from the south side of the bridge. Please do not park in the gateway and be careful on the narrow road.

Click here for the exact Google Maps location.

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Paddlers are welcome to land at Hoarwithy at anytime and should use the gravel beach (river right) as the safest means of access.

Access to park and launch on the land can be arranged by contacting the SYMG.

The land at Hoarwithy is available to use for wild camping, but this is strictly by prior arrangement only. Due to restrictions on usage of the land, there are only 28 days where wild camping is permitted. Therefore wild camping will only permitted on designated dates throughout the year.

There are currently no facilities at Toll Paddock. Paddlers wishing to make use of the land MUST contact in advance to arrange.

There will be no charge for British Canoeing members; however donations are warmly welcomed as the only source of income to the site. All users must bring their BC membership card.British Canoeing affiliated clubs and registered Scouts, Guides, etc are welcome to use the fields, but again donations are encouraged to help with upkeep.

PLEASE NOTE: Camping and river access is available next door at Tresseck Farm with access to rubbish disposal, proper toilets and pitches. Canoeists are made very welcome at Tresseck. Users of Toll Paddock must by no means use any of the facilities at Tresseck. They are strictly for Tresseck campsite users only.

British Canoeing is pleased to be working in partnership with Old Harp Fishery to allow angling from our land. All users of the site are asked to be respectful and courteous to each other.

Fishing at Hoarwithy should be arranged in advance by contacting Fox Rural ( )