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Go Canoeing for Clubs and Centres

Introducing new people to paddling is the lifeline to our sport and we are passionate about making this happen. British Canoeing have developed the Go Canoeing programme, specifically aimed at attracting, retaining and inspiring new participants through progressive pathways.

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We want to support clubs and centres with being able to promote their activities at both a national and localised level. The more activities happening nationwide the greater impact we can collectively have in bringing new people into our sport.

For 2018 we have introduced a scheme that uses a credit based rewards  system, based on the number of activities you are running.
Credits can be used to redeem free resources for your activities. The more activities you run that offer clear progressional activities throughout the year the more credits you accumulate.

For the full information on our Go Canoeing for Clubs and Centres offer please click here.