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Adventure & Challenge

Being inextricably linked with exploration and adventure, canoeing’s story is almost as old as mankind’s itself. Today, canoeing remains a great way to push your boundaries, put your technical skills to the test and explore the great outdoors.

Adrenaline junkies will love tackling the thrills and spills of white water paddling, with the modern scene now including a range of different disciplines, including Freestyle, Wild Water Racing and Playboating, where paddlers attempt tricks off small drops and rock features.

Canoeing also gives those looking for a challenge the chance to plan an expedition on the thousands of miles of waterways in the United Kingdom, on the continent or maybe even further afield. And for those drawn to the sea, kayaks are the ideal means of exploring the UK’s stunning coastline.

As with all adventures and challenges, preparation is key and many of the forms of canoeing mentioned will require a certain degree of skill and experience. Those wanting to tackle white water will first need to perfect a number of techniques on flat water and paddlers should have learned about winds, tides, currents and buoyage before heading onto seas and estuaries.

Most canoeists learn these key skills and techniques by joining a club or attending courses run by a club, school or centre. A great way to head out on your first adventure is on one of our Go Canoeing Challenge Routes, which are nationally recognised journeys on waterways that we have carefully selected to provide you with unique challenges.

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