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Types of Paddling

The great thing about paddling is the variety it offers and the different things you can get out of it.

Paddlesport can be competitive or recreational. It can be a team game or an individual test of ability. You can canoe as a sociable hobby or a way to discover the peace and tranquillity of Britain’s beautiful waterways.

Leisure & Recreation

If you are new to canoeing you’ll be amazed at what a wonderful feeling it is just simply being out on the water.

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Competition & Fitness

From the explosive power needed for Canoe Sprint, to the endurance required to tackle a Canoe Marathon event, the world of canoeing offers you a wide range of competitive disciplines, each providing its own specific challenges and health benefits.

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Adventure & Challenge

Being inextricably linked with exploration and adventure, canoeing’s story is almost as old as mankind’s itself. Today, canoeing remains a great way to push your boundaries, put your technical skills to the test and explore the great outdoors.

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